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Overturning Roe v. Wade undermines the legitimacy of the Supreme Court
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The Supreme Court has put its legitimacy in jeopardy with the decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, ending the constitutional right to an abortion.
I'm the mom I am today because I chose an abortion at 19
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Pregnancy isn't easy and parenting is hard. But so is an abortion. It's not an easy way out. Or selfish. My years of therapy to recover show that.
Not just abortion: Overturning Roe v. Wade puts your right to conceive babies at risk, too
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States will now decide abortion laws. Here's why that could be a good thing.
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With Roe v. Wade now overturned, it could be the surest way for Americans to ensure they are living under governments that best reflect their values.
Your right to conceive babies could be at risk if Roe v. Wade is overturned
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Fertility services like IVF could be effectively outlawed in states that legislatively declare that life begins at conception, Cathryn Oakley writes.
How America's labor shortage is changing prospects for applicants with criminal records
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Job postings on Indeed advertising fair chance employment policies have increased since 2019.
How the USWNT and WNBA have fought and won major gains in collective bargaining agreements
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Over the past two years, players from the WNBA, NWSL and U.S. women's national team reached landmark CBAs that include pay raises and more.
After record-setting year, Cowboys' All-Pro CB Trevon Diggs wants to 'stack my success'
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"I want to try to stack my success," Diggs said. "Keep grinding. Work at the little things and just focus on next season."
How cable news covered the Jan. 6 committee hearings: 'Absolutely devastating'
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Fox News didn't televise the hearings live, but CNN, MSNBC and other networks covered the proceedings. Jake Tapper and Hallie Jackson weighed in.
Report: Shareef O'Neal eligible for 2022 NBA draft, has workouts scheduled
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LSU basketball transfer Shareef O'Neal is indeed eligible for the 2022 NBA draft after being listed as a withdrawal from the draft pool, per report.
NBA Finals, Warriors vs. Celtics live updates: Warriors score decisive Game 2 win, evens series
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The Celtics stole Game 1 of the Finals with a shocking fourth-quarter scoring barrage. But the Warriors played a complete Game 2 to even the series.
NBA Finals, Warriors vs. Celtics live updates: Andre Iguodala has ruled out for Game 2
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The Celtics stole Game 1 of the Finals with a shocking fourth-quarter scoring barrage. But the Warriors vow to play a more complete Game 2.
Funeral held for 10-year-old Jose Manuel Flores Jr.
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Mourners gathered Wednesday to say goodbye to 10-year-old Jose Manuel Flores Jr., who died in the shooting at Robb Elementary school (June 1) (AP Video/Cody Jackson)
'A Strange Loop' actor, creator on long journey to Tony nominations
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When Jaquel Spivey found out he was nominated for a Tony Award as lead actor in "A Strange Loop," he was shocked. Not just for the normal reasons, but for the statement it made. He says Broadway's history "has not been here for people like me." Creator Michael R. Jackson previosly won the Pulitzer Prize for the show. (June 2)
'I will be there': Ravens QB Lamar Jackson pushes back against criticism over skipped OTAs
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In response to criticism of his absence from voluntary organized team activities, Lamar Jackson said he would eventually report to the Ravens.