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Two shootings, 10 days apart: Texas school massacre comes on heels of racist killings in Buffalo
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Less than two weeks after 10 people were killed in a racially motivated shooting in Buffalo, the nation grapples with another mass shooting in Texas.
'Hero' officer killed in supermarket attack honored
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The retired police officer killed in the Buffalo supermarket shooting has been posthumously awarded the city police department's medal of honor and promoted to lieutenant. The honors were announced Wednesday before Aaron Salter was laid to rest. (May 25)
'We are cowards if we don't act': Texas, Buffalo shootings shadow hearing for Biden's ATF nominee
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The agency - the nation's gun enforcement agency - has been without a Senate confirmed director for seven years.
Don't look away from the 10 Black lives lost in Buffalo to racism and gun violence
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The grocery store shooting is their tragedy, but this is America's problem. Ignoring it won't make racism go away or bring back loved ones.
Yes, American voter demographics are changing. No, that's not what Replacement Theory is
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The Buffalo attack has raised new awareness of a racist conspiracy theory, the Great Replacement Theory. But what is it, and what is it not?
AP Top Stories May 20
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AP Top Stories May 20 A
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Here's the latest for Friday May 20th: President Biden goes to South Korea; Russia threatens to put Ukrainian prisoners on trial; Rev. Al Sharpton speaks in Buffalo church; Boeing spacecraft that can carry a crew goes to Space Station.
Al Sharpton honors Buffalo victims at prayer service
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Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton delivered a fiery and defiant speech at a prayer service Thursday evening honoring victims of the Buffalo supermarket shooting. (May 19)
Buffalo victims' families meet with Crump, Sharpton
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Relatives of shooting victims speak out at news conference, asking for end to racial violence (May 19)
Church service held for Buffalo shooting victims
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A church service was held on Thursday evening in Buffalo, New York to honor victims of the deadly supermarket shooting. (May 19)
AP Top Stories May 19 P
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Here's the latest for Thursday, May 19: Senate approves money for Ukraine; Man charged in Buffalo mass shooting appears in court; Biden welcomes Swedish and Finnish leaders; Pangolins in Prague.
Police reassure residents after Buffalo shooting
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Buffalo Police sought to reassure residents of their safety Thursday following the deadly shooting at the Tops Friendly supermarket. (May 19)
FBI vows to hold Buffalo shooter 'accountable'
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The FBI has ended the initial investigation at the scene of the deadly supermarket shooting in Buffalo, New York. (May 19)
Officials on Buffalo shooting investigation
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Officials in Buffalo, New York say the initial investigation into the deadly attack at Tops supermarket has "concluded." (May 19)
Man indicted in Buffalo store shooting
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The white man accused of killing 10 Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo appeared in court Thursday, standing silently during a brief proceeding attended by some relatives of the victims after a grand jury indicted him. (May 19)
Talking Tech: Buffalo shootings show tech platforms respond too slowly to violent live videos
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After a killer livestreamed the shooting of 13 people in Buffalo, critics are asking what it will take for tech companies to enact stronger measures.
Grand jury indicts man in Buffalo shooting
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The white man charged with murdering 10 Black people at a supermarket in Buffalo appeared briefly in court Thursday after a grand jury indicted him on a first-degree murder charge. (May 19)
Buffalo shooting suspect appears in court; 911 dispatcher placed on leave: What we know
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As authorities investigate the possibility of hate crime and terrorism charges, the suspected gunman faces first-degree murder charges.
Hochul signs executive order on guns after Buffalo
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New York governor announced a package of executive orders and gun control bills Wednesday in the aftermath of a racist attack on a Buffalo supermarket that killed ten people over the weekend. (May 18)
Social media scrutinized in Buffalo investigation
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AP Explains: Investigators are investigating who may have seen an online diary kept by the Buffalo shooter shortly before his attack at a grocery store Saturday that killed ten people. (May 18)
After Buffalo mass shooting, NY governor pushes for crackdown on gun loopholes, terrorism threats
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Why won't most Republicans even try to fix the gun problem and will voters ever punish them?
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Buffalo Bills team pays respects at shooting site
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Members of the Buffalo Bills team paid their respects at the site of last weekend's supermarket shooting. (May 18)
Buffalo shooting reignites debate over critical race theory, US history education
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On the heels of the Buffalo shooting, experts say teaching schoolchildren about racism can help counter conspiratorial beliefs and hate crimes.
'We don't feel safe': Many Black Americans experiencing grief, trauma after Buffalo shooting
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The targeting of a Black community by a white shooter who allegedly espoused racist ideology is the latest violent attack on Black people.