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A Million Little Miracles
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I truly wish you could be with me today as I sit on the front porch, occasionally typing a bit, but mostly watching the glorious things taking place right in front of me. The lilac bush outside the living room window was dead, from all appearances, just a few weeks ago. Now it is bursting […]
Some Like it Hot (1959)
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Cross dressing isn’t funny. Don’t worry. I am not being a moralist or judging anyone. I am just saying that a man wearing a dress is not good comedy. Clearly, some people disagree with me. Check this out: the American Film Institute lists “Some Like it Hot” as their #1 comedy of all time. Guess […]
Upper Valley Everyone Eats Returns to Gifford in May
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Gifford will distribute meals for Upper Valley Everyone Eats this month on Tuesday, May 24th between 5 – 5:30 p.m. at Gifford’s South Parking lot. This is the second of three meal distributions by Upper Valley Everyone Eats. The meals, provided by Randolph-based restaurant Tacocat Cantina, are available by reservation. To reserve a meal or...
Vermont Plants Sunflowers for Ukraine Solidarity Update
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Since early March we have built a statewide community action to bring about thousands of acts of solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We now have our free sunflower seed packets at over 75 businesses, farmer’s markets, schools, churches, towns and cities and departments in Vermont State Government. We continue to reach out across the […]
Vermonters Turn In Nearly 3.5 Tons of Unneeded Medication on Prescription Drug Take Back Day
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Vermonters turned in almost 3.5 tons of unused, unwanted and expired medication on the 22nd nationwide Prescription Drug Take Back Day this past Saturday. The total of 6,950.1 pounds collected eclipsed every previous Prescription Drug Take Back Day except for the event held in spring 2021. “The continued success of this program is a testament...
Late Spring (1949)
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There are countless movies about people who are messed up because they were raised by bad parents. But there is only one film I know that explores the opposite problem: parents that are too good. How is a young adult supposed to move out and move on when she recognizes that her parents are the […]
“Washington WORLD” Turns 50
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Pictured left to right: Mike Jacques, Kay Santamore, Paul Giacherio, Deborah Phillips, Aeletha Kelly, Jim Elliot, Christine Richardson and Gary Hass. Missing from photo: Darlene Callahan, Chris Myers and Lisa Companion. On May 11 The WORLD, or as it has been so often called “Washington WORLD” since its beginning in 1972, turns 50 and is […]
Make-A-Wish® Crowns Best Beard in Vermont and Raises Over $90,000 at Sixth Annual Vermont Beardies
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Make-A-Wish® Vermont announced that Greg Keislich of Georgia, Vermont won the title of Best Beard in Vermont in the Sixth Annual Vermont Beardies contest. In the event which raised just over $90,000 to grant wishes to Vermont’s children with critical illnesses, fuzzy Vermonters were asked to show off their beards in a pageant-like fashion,...
Young Wildlife Belong in the Wild
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Picking up young wildlife can do more harm than good, according to the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.  It’s also against the law. VTF&W photo by John Hall Watching wildlife is enjoyable, especially when young animals appear in the spring.  But it is best to keep your distance.  Picking up young wildlife can do more […]
Vermonters Are Challenged to Clean Every Mile On Green Up Day
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Green Up Day, a 52-year-old tradition that spans generations of volunteers, continues to impact our landscape and quality of life. “Many residents have been contacting the Green Up Vermont office, concerned about the amount of trash on the roadsides this spring, looking for Green Up Day supplies and information, and also a solution. I can’t...
Sanders Stands in Solidarity with UVM Medical Center Workers Fighting to Unionize
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) this week sent a letter to interns, residents and fellows of the University of Vermont Medical Center (UVMMC) in support of their efforts to form a union. Sanders recently met with UVMMC residents who shared with him how organizing a union would lead not only to decent wages and better working […]
Kitchen Trash -A Newly Recycled Column-
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A round my house I am the one who takes out the garbage. It has just always been that way. At one time I tried to get that to be one of my kids’ jobs, but somehow it never got done on time or when it got full, or something else happened that made me […]
The Lost Weekend (1945)
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“The top of the 8th Inning is brought to you by Peppy’s brand Amphetamines: the official upper of the Boston Red Sox. ‘I’m Jackie Bradley Jr. When I’m chasing down a fly ball in the gap, I like to have some Pep in my step. That’s why I take Peppy’s Amphetamines before every game!’” Thank […]
Legislators Condemn Anti-LGBTQ+ Violence
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They came when they heard the news – clients, staff members, and tenants from nearby offices – to sweep up glass shards after cement rocks shattered the Pride Center’s doors on Tuesday, April 26. They gathered in the wake of hatred to affirm resilience and community. This has become a kind of ritual, as violence […]
Ninotchka (1939)
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Once upon a time, a smart and charismatic young Swedish woman named Greta came along. Her selfless goal was to educate the American public about the catastrophic manmade disaster that was already sweeping the globe. Of course I’m talking about Communism. In the late 1930s, it wasn’t universally agreed that the Soviet Union was a […]
Good Food Good Medicine Wins VGN Award!
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The Good Food Good Medicine program runs year long food justice programs at Green Acres and Highgate housing in Barre, Vermont. Joann Darling, program coordinator of GFGM works with residents and children teaching hands on programs in gardening, herbals, cooking, nutrition, self-care, and leadership. In early 2022 April Bahner, a community...
GunSense Vermont Announces First Leadership and Courage Awards on June 20
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On June 20, 2022, GunSense Vermont will host its first annual Leadership and Courage Awards, honoring those who have demonstrated their commitment to reducing gun violence in Vermont. This year’s honoree is Ann Braden, who founded GunSense Vermont in the wake of the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Braden spearheaded a movement that led to...
Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department Picks Fight with a Vermont Federal Wildlife Refuge
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The US Fish & Wildlife (USFWS) manages an unparalleled network of public lands called the National Wildlife Refuge System. These refuges play a critical role in providing protected habitat for millions of species including many who are threatened or endangered. Vermont only has two refuges: Silvio O. Conte and Missisquoi. Both hunters and...