Vermont's Gun-Control Record Scrutinized After Massacres in Texas, NY
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Gov. Phil Scott says the gun control laws Vermont passed in 2018 in response a foiled plot to attack a high school in Fair Haven are a possible model for the nation following this week’s massacre of 19 children and two adults at a Texas elementary school. But some Vermont lawmakers and gun safety advocates note that Scott has opposed adopting...
Balint, Ram Hinsdale Miss Financial Disclosure Deadline
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Democratic U.S. House candidates Becca Balint and Kesha Ram Hinsdale failed to file federal financial disclosure forms on time, though both campaigns said they plan to submit the documents in the near future. The U.S. House Committee on Ethics requires candidates for office to file annual reports that contain information about salaries, jobs,...
Burlington Planning Commission: Public Hearing Notice
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Burlington Comprehensive Development Ordinance Amendment ZA-22-03: Steep Slopes ZA-22-05: Burlington High School Zoning ZA-22-06: Transitional Shelter ZA-22-07: Maximum Parking & TDM Pursuant to 24 V.S.A. §4441 and §4444, notice is hereby given of a public hearing by the Burlington Planning Commission to hear comments on the following proposed...
Life Stories: Mark Eldridge 'Cared About the World'
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At a meeting in mayor Bernie Sanders' office in the mid-1980s, city officials were discussing the Burlington waterfront. The city owned almost no land at the waterfront, yet department heads were considering its future and what might be possible at Burlington's western edge. Mark Eldridge (August 8, 1943-December 27, 2021), director of planning and...
Camden Joy, 'Rerouting'
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(Self-released, digital) I have seldom had a more engrossing experience reviewing an album than I did with Camden Joy's latest offering, Rerouting. The project is a hot and tangled mess of lo-fi primitivism, joyfully juvenile catharsis and deep, abiding sorrow. And a lot of accordion. Camden Joy is the pseudonym of a long-established music...
Ben Campbell and Caleb Elder, 'Night Orbs'
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(Self-released, digital) I've been having a recurring dream about a former roommate for years now. He died not long after he moved out, but I saw him once in the interim. I was walking along a wooded path when he appeared, smiling in the afternoon sun, immortal in that moment. We said hello and moved on, both of us unaware we'd never see each other...
Gowntown Development: UVM Wants to Build Dorms on Its Trinity Campus. Would That Ease Burlington’s Housing Crisis?
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In Burlington, the fight to lease an apartment or buy a home is fierce. In the small city, the economic center of Vermont, locals compete against hordes of coeds at the University of Vermont and Champlain College. Some of those students have wealthy parents and education loans that give them an edge in the rental market. Others are simply trying to...
Crossword: 'Prizeworthy' (5/25/22)
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What You See Isn’t Necessarily What You Get in This Studio Place Arts Exhibit
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A new exhibition at Studio Place Arts in Barre might mess with your brain. Titled "Now You See It," it features art that "plays with perception of space and depth," according to a gallery description. And, typical for a group show — 19 artists, 26 pieces — the assignment was interpreted broadly. The mediums, too, span from high-tech to very...
Scout to Open Third Location, on Burlington’s Pine Street
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Scout owner Andy Burke has had his eye on the former frozen yogurt shop next to New World Tortilla at 696 Pine Street for a long time. By the first weekend in June, it will become the third Burlington-area location for his espresso bar and ice cream company. "I grew up in the South End, and I've been driving past the old SoYo [Frozen Yogurt]...
Switchback Brewing Buys Burlington Building
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After 20 years of brewing at 160 Flynn Avenue in Burlington's South End, Switchback Brewing has bought its building, taproom manager Sarah Diaz said. The purchase will add 5,800 square feet to the current 28,000. Diaz said the company has not yet finalized plans for the additional space, which is currently occupied by Momentum Physical Therapy.
Café Mamajuana Brings Tropical Flavors to Burlington’s Brunch Scene
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What makes brunch brunch? For me, it's the drinks. Without booze, a midmorning meal is just breakfast. And the more beverages, the better. When I sat down for brunch last month at Café Mamajuana, I had six lined up: coffee, water and a tropical mimosa flight of four juices — soursop, guava, papaya and passion fruit — mixed with Prosecco. It...
Randolph’s wit & grit. Eatery Serves Up a Cheerful Morning Menu
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If the restaurant thing doesn't work out for wit & grit. co-owners Hannah Arias and Ericka Grygowski, they may have a future in improv comedy. Their humorous social media videos have attracted a local following. But the women's breakfast and brunch spot in downtown Randolph is hardly at risk. Barely 6 months old, it's simmering along like a pot of...
Burlington Council Wants to Save Memorial Auditorium — But Next Steps Unclear
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At its meeting on Monday, the Burlington City Council advanced two projects that received voter support on Town Meeting Day: A $25.9 million makeover of Main Street and a possible fix-up of Memorial Auditorium, which closed in 2016 due to structural deficiencies. In March, voters approved spending $23.8 million to address various capital projects,...
VTDigger Founder Anne Galloway Steps Down
[[ vote_1_value['sXfIIi8c12aJ'] | number:0 ]] founder Anne Galloway has stepped down as executive director of the state’s largest online news outlet. She will remain with the nonprofit as an editor at large, Galloway announced Monday in a letter to readers, focusing on reporting projects. “It’s now time to let VTDigger thrive on its own,” she wrote. Senior editor Jim Welch...
Rebecca Holcombe to Run for Vermont House Seat
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Former education secretary and gubernatorial candidate Rebecca Holcombe confirmed Monday that she is running as a Democrat to represent a section of the Upper Valley in the Vermont House of Representatives. Holcombe, 55, is the biggest name so far to seek one of dozens of seats opening up in the state legislature this year. More than 40...
The Magnificent 7: Must See, Must Do, May 25-31
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Summer is right around the corner and there's no shortage of ways for Vermonters to connect, learn and have a good time. We've compiled seven must-do events, including an Ancestral Communal Listening Experience led by Burlington Discover Jazz Festival curator Michael Mwenso. All That Jazz Wednesday 1 Ahead of the Burlington Discover Jazz Festival,...
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Siegel, Drug Law Reform Advocates Blast a Veto by Scott
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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Brenda Siegel joined other drug reform advocates in blasting Gov. Phil Scott on Friday for vetoing a bill that would have eliminated sentencing disparities between crimes involving crack and powder cocaine. Scott on Thursday refused to sign H.505, which the legislature passed on May 2, claiming that the bill...
Scott Allows Burlington Ranked-Choice Voting Bill to Become Law
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It's baaack. Ranked-choice voting is returning to Burlington. On Thursday, Gov. Phil Scott allowed a bill changing the city charter to become law without his signature. The enactment of H.744 reinstates a voting system that Burlingtonians repealed after a controversial mayoral race more than a decade ago. This time, only city councilors will be...
Burlington Police to Have Stronger Downtown Presence This Summer
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The Burlington Police Department will deploy more cops downtown this summer to combat what officials describe as a rash of unsavory behavior around Queen City tourist destinations. The summer staffing plan, which has been in effect for almost three weeks, will sacrifice patrols in quieter neighborhoods so that BPD officers can prioritize an area...
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Stuck in Vermont: Juniper Creative Arts Paint Community Murals with Students in the NEK
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Artists Will Kasso Condry, Jennifer Herrera Condry and their daughter, Alexa, are the team behind Juniper Creative Arts. The trio creates artwork that features Black and brown people, with themes of Afro-futurism. Their latest project: a mural at North Country Union Junior High School in Derby. Juniper Creative Arts was formed in 2020 by the...
Win a Free Trip to Washington, D.C. by Taking the Good Citizen Challenge This Summer
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Looking for some educational family fun this summer — and a chance to win a free trip to Washington, D.C.? Help the kids in your life take the Good Citizen Challenge, an interactive, nonpartisan civics activity. It recognizes and rewards participants for learning about their communities, keeping up with local news and taking action to help...