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Delegate sues to block Barnes & Noble from selling 'obscene' books to minors
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Delegate Tim Anderson filed a suit to block Barnes & Noble from selling books to children without parental consent. He also doesn't want them in VB schools.
2 Republicans seek to limit sales of books deemed 'obscene' to minors in Virginia Beach
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Delegate and lawyer Tim Anderson of Virginia Beach requested a restraining order to limit sales and loans of "A Court of Mist and Fury" and "Gender Queer: A Memoir."
Virginia Beach art teacher receives special send-off on last day
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When Mico Santos, an art teacher at Kempsville Meadows Elementary School, decided to switch careers, he never imagined this response from students and staff.
Virginia Beach City Council approves new pay scale for city workers
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On Tuesday Virginia Beach City Council members approved a nearly $2.5 billion net budget for the new fiscal year.
Gun taken from student at Kempsville High School, spokesperson says
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The gun was taken from the student, who is now in custody. The weapon wasn't loaded.
'I needed to be me again' | Virginia Beach artist is changing lives through tattoos
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The paramedical tattoo artist is shaping lips for burn victims, covering scars and creating 3D areolas for cancer patients. She wants more people to know she exists.
Man accused of hitting VB officer with car walks out of jail as a free man
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After more than a year in Virginia Beach City jail without bond, Malik Kearney is now a free man. A jury acquitted him on 16 charges.
Malik Kearney, charged with hitting police officer with car, found not guilty on all charges
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Kearney was accused of hitting a Virginia Beach police officer with his car at the Oceanfront in March 2021.
'Unite For Ukraine' benefit concert raises money to send medical supplies to war zone
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Gas station fuel mix-up causes costly problems in Virginia Beach
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Drivers said it happened at the BP gas station in Hilltop and at Blackwater Trading Post near Pungo.
VB leaders disagree over where to place blame for loss of ‘Something in the Water’
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The music festival generated millions of dollars for the city in 2019. Now, that profit is going to Washington D.C.