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Virginia's community colleges announce new initiative to address worker shortage
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Virginia’s community colleges on Thursday announced the launch of a Virginia Infrastructure Academy to address the needs within the infrastructure industries.
Lynchburg couple finds strength during liver transplant journey
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Alana Rudder decided to become a living organ donor after seeing a commercial about it when she was 11. Little did she know what the future would bring.
Tech startup founder and Lynchburg native aims for greater diversity in STEM, entrepreneurship
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Kishau Rogers, a Lynchburg native and E.C. Glass High School graduate, is now an award-winning technology entrepreneur on a mission to solve the world's increasingly complex problems with computer science, systems thinking, and creative intelligence.
Bedford County parents weigh in on redistricting proposal
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Parents are weighing in on the division’s proposed redistricting plan meant to reduce overcrowding in Forest zone elementary schools.
Bedford County schools to enter contract with solar firm in utilities cost-saving endeavor
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The Bedford County School Board has unanimously approved entering into a contract with a solar company on an energy cost-saving plan.
Amherst house, front yard tout unique landscaping features
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At the end of Nicewood Place in the town of Amherst, Patricia Rabine’s front yard is flush with flowers, plants and an array of colorful landscaping instead of the traditional grass lawn look.
CVCC names Gillette to new executive director position
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Central Virginia Community College on Tuesday announced Jodi Gillette as the school's new executive director of institutional advancement and its educational foundation.
'All hands on deck:' Lynchburg City Schools faced with 35 teacher vacancies one week before first day
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One week after remaining mum on the number of staffing vacancies in Lynchburg City Schools, administrators provided clarity on the exact number of open positions they are facing less as the first day of school approaches.
Lynchburg City Schools beefing up security measures ahead of new school year
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With school security in the spotlight as the 2022-23 school year nears, Lynchburg City Schools Superintendent Crystal Edwards recently gave some details of the system's new security measures ahead of next Tuesday's first day of school.
Spotted lanternfly spotted in Bedford County
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The presence of the invasive spotted lanternfly in Bedford County was recently confirmed, the county said Monday.
Letter to the editor: The right to secede
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Letter to the editor: Tyranny and extremism
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Tyrants might claim different philosophies but tyranny is tyranny. Displaying the same glaring personality flaws, dictators manipulate the same way. Hitler vs. Stalin? Communist left? Fascist right? Same real-world consequences.
Letter to the editor: Buy American
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The Communist Chinese are proving to be what long time China-watchers have feared. They pose a real threat to America. China gobbled up Hong Kong and is poised to take over Taiwan. They clearly have designs on the United States.…
Mark your calendar: Upcoming events in the Lynchburg area
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Because this section is free of charge, community events are subject to run based on available space. Email events to
One Community One Voice, University of Lynchburg put on back-to-school event
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The University of Lynchburg hosted an annual back-to-school event Saturday, sponsored by One Community One Voice, to help kids and families prepare for the upcoming school year.
SML Center Inc. nears fundraising goal to purchase building
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Smith Mountain Lake Center Inc. is nearing its fundraising goal needed to purchase the former Grand Home Furnishings building in Westlake with the intention of creating a new community center.
Foundations honoring Lynchburg notables Spencer, Johnson receive grant money
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Two nonprofits set up to honor Lynchburg historical figures Anne Spencer and Dr. Robert Walter “Whirlwind” Johnson have received $250,000 to continue telling their stories.
ACI offers cleaning tips to incoming college students
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College students in the area will return to campus over the next few weeks to begin fall semester.
Lynchburg filmmaker wraps short film funded by TikTok followers
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Sam Van Fossen, a 2014 theatre graduate of Liberty University, is not new to writing, directing, starring in, and producing short films, but his latest project, “Fleeced,” is the longest film he has done to date, coming in at about…
Poplar Forest celebrates parkway opening, bringing centuries-old plans to life
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After almost a year and a half of construction, and many years more of dreaming and planning, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest celebrated the grand opening of Poplar Forest Parkway.
Kiwanis push to complete fundraising goal for downtown Lynchburg playground
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The Lynchburg Kiwanis Club is making one last push to fundraise for the rest of a playground that will be built at the Riverfront Park downtown.
Town of Bedford joins Traipse for interactive local exploration, tourism
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Visitors to and residents of the Town of Bedford can now explore the locality in an interactive experience through an app called Traipse.
Lynchburg City Schools provides timeline for master facilities plan
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Lynchburg City Schools administrators have provided an update on the school system's upcoming master facilities plan, laying out a draft timeline for when there could be decisions made on the actual buildings.
National Night Out connects community with law enforcement
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Altavista Police Capt. Kenny Moorefield said the annual event shows the community a different side to the department.
FBI recognizes Linkhorne Middle School for internet safety
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Lynchburg's Linkhorne Middle School was recognized this week by the FBI's Richmond office for participating in the bureau's Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge.