Ex-Virginia Tech linebacker Isi Etute set for murder trial, likely with a controversial defense
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Ex-Virginia Tech linebacker Isi Etute pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the killing of Jerry Smith, whom Etute met on Tinder as "Angie."
The Daily Money: Parents skip meals, simple joys to feed their kids amid inflation
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How to install Windows 11 on the Steam Deck
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Installing Windows 11 on Valve's Steam Deck is more complicated than installing it on a desktop or laptop, but with a few extra steps it can be done.
2022 NBA mock draft: With no clear-cut No. 1, who will be Orlando Magic's top choice?
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Jabari Smith of Auburn, Paolo Banchero of Duke, Chet Holmgren of Gonzaga and Jaden Ivey of Purdue are expected to be the top draft prospects.
How to use the Steam Deck as a game emulator
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Our step-by-step guide will help you figure out how to use the Steam Deck to emulate older games from the Nintendo Game Cube, PS3, and other eras.
The Daily Money: Soaring inflation slowed in April. Does that mean the worst is over?
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40-year-old Arizona father arrested after taking part in fight at son's high school
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'Was that Will Smith?' Chris Rock joins Dave Chappelle after on-stage attack
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Police have arrested a suspect in connection with an on-stage attack at a Dave Chappelle show. After the attack, Chris Rock joined Chappelle on stage.
If you truly value life, you'll ensure a healthy future for all 'saved' babies, right?
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There will be consequences for these 'saved' children. They will grow up in poverty. But anti-abortion conservatives oppose social programs.
iPad Air M1 vs iPad Pro M1: Which one should you buy?
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Both powered by Apple's M1 chip, the iPad Air and iPad Pro have more in common than they do differences, but those differences really matter.
Mets designate Robinson Cano for assignment amid roster cuts
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As MLB rosters had to be trimmed to 26 players by Monday, Robinson Cano was one of the odd men out for the Mets.
Can the iPad Air M1 replace your laptop?
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Powered by Apple's M1 chip, the new iPad Air is closer than ever to becoming a true laptop replacement, but it still has some setbacks.
Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8 ships with a stylus but it can't outrun an iPad
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a mid-range Android tablet. Our review goes in-depth comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 to the iPad Air.
'MLB has a very big problem': Mets rip baseballs after three more batters get hit vs. Cardinals
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Chris Bassitt ripped MLB over the baseballs being used this season after three more Mets players were hit by pitches against the Cardinals.