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4 West Coast states 'put welcome sign on door' for abortion access
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'Solidarity is survival': Asian American leaders plan Unity March in Washington on Saturday
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The event comes just a day after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade — it will happen in close proximity to the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court.
West Coast states tout abortion 'sanctuary'
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On the West Coast, the Democratic governors of California, Washington and Oregon say they will work together in the effort to defend abortion patients and medical professionals. (June 24)
Decades-old right upended: Breaking down Supreme Court's ruling
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Here's what it means now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, and how the nine justices voted in the case.
What does overturning Roe mean? A breakdown of the Supreme Court's abortion ruling.
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Here's what it means now that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and a breakdown of who voted to upend the right to abortion.
Online data, medical records could be used to put women in jail under new abortion laws
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Law enforcement could use online data, police statements and medical records as evidence against people involved in abortions. It's already happening.
Senate passes historic bipartisan gun deal, 5 planets align through June: 5 Things podcast
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Gun legislation expanding background checks, amid other measures, passes the Senate, a look at the lack of openly gay LGBTQ executives: 5 Things podcast
A new project is shedding light on Black Civil War vets — and reconnecting them to their families
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The Kentucky U.S. Colored Troops Project creates a database record for soldiers to unlock "lost" information about enslaved people from families.
Is it too late to prevent a recession? Here's what experts say
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Recession odds are growing as investors fear the Fed's interest rate hikes will be too fast and too big, bringing the economy to a screeching halt.
Is Biden to blame for higher gas prices? Drivers pay more in 93 countries.
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Joe Biden's approval ratings have tanked as gas prices have soared, but analysts say the cost of oil is fueling higher pump prices across the globe.
'Two heavyweights that are just slugging it out': The new phase of Russia's war in Ukraine
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Vladimir Putin's forces have gained momentum in recent weeks, but a top administration official said it would be foolish to bet against Ukraine.
Longhorns' bet on Steve Sarkisian recruiting them out of awful decade paying off | Opinion
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For all the knocks on Sarkisian as a college coach, he's always been able to do one thing at an elite level — maybe the most important thing. Recruit.
Jan. 6 committee accuses Trump of trying use Justice Department in 'brazen' effort to keep: Live updates
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Here's how I've benefited from Title IX's growing influence over the past 50 years
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NBA Draft 2022: Shaedon Sharpe was only a practice player at Kentucky but could become NBA lottery pick
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Shaedon Sharpe's talent may be undeniable, but his recent inactivity has many wondering if his game can translate to the NBA.
Should guns be banned in bars, hospitals? Supreme Court decision could spur new 2nd Amendment fight
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The Supreme Court indicated in 2008 that states may make schools and government buildings gun-free zones. What about hospitals, subways and stadiums?
Former Justice Department officials to testify on Trump plan to install friendly AG - Jan. 6 live blog
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Former Justice Department officials will testify Thursday about Trump's plan to install an AG sympathetic to his baseless claims of election fraud.
Woman, dogs killed by lightning strike as rare June thunderstorms hit Southern California
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Woman, dogs killed by lightening strike as rare June thunderstorms hit Southern California
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The death in Pico Rivera marks the first time someone has been killed by lightning in 2022, according to the National Lightning Safety Council.
Title IX 50 years later: A seed that has sprung into 'amazing forest'
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Thousands of women have played key parts in advancing the role of Title IX in sports in America. Here are how several connect with each other.
Jon Gruden's lawyers: Roger Goodell, NFL must be held publicly accountable
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Lawyers for ex-NFL coach Jon Gruden released a statement Wednesday, criticizing commissioner Roger Goodell and the league for selective transparency.
Congress claims 'shadow' probe by Commanders owner
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A U.S. House committee says Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder conducted a "shadow investigation" that sought to discredit former employees making accusations of workplace sexual harassment. (June 22)
Primary takeaways: A good night for women such as Bowser in DC and Britt in Ala.; tight House races in Va.
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Another round of primary races in Washington, D.C., Alabama, Georgia and Virginia put women such as Katie Britt and Muriel Bowser on November ballots.
Pelosi doesn't commit to Biden's gas tax holiday plan, which faces congressional skepticism
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Biden proposal to suspend the federal gas tax for three months faces criticism from members of his own party in Congress.
As new details of Trump team's fake electors scheme emerge, here's what we know
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The Trump campaign's plan relied on key states to find pro-Trump electors and on Pence to toss the real electors, the Jan. 6 hearings have revealed.