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'The Conjuring' house in RI that inspired the horror movies is selling
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The old farmhouse is expected to be bought by a Boston developer, with a personal interest in the spiritual, who will keep it open to the public.
Graduate Thesis Exhibition 2022 Poster
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RISD Grad Show 2022 invites viewers to experience an expansive range of exploratory work by emerging artists and designers. The work selected represents the culmination of each student’s experience in RISD’s dynamic and diverse graduate programs. As in years past, the 28,000-sf space will be custom-constructed, with more than 1,100 linear feet...
New England Patriots trading QB Jarett Stidham to Las Vegas Raiders
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As a potential backup to Derek Carr, Jarrett Stidham will reunite with ex-Patriots offensive coordinator and new Raiders coach Josh McDaniels.
Scientists are studying blood tests for dementia: 'A new era of diagnosis for Alzheimer's disease'
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More than a half dozen blood tests are being developed and tested to detect signs of Alzheimer's disease in older patients.