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Candy, snacks made with Jif peanut butter recalled for salmonella concerns, rebates offered
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As officials investigate a salmonella outbreak, more products with Jif peanut butter are recalled including some sold at Walmart, 7-Eleven and Wawa.
Former WSOP bracelet winner Cory Zeidman charged with fraud, money laundering in sports betting scheme
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Prosecutors allege Cory Zeidman helped orchestrate a scheme that purported to have inside information for sporting events and defrauded victims.
'A bad day for ... hope': Another school shooting. More dead kids. Why gun control advocates see no end in sight
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Past mass shootings at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and Parkland High School all sparked hopes gun control laws would be coming, but bills got blocked.
'An innocent creature': 4-month-old Chihuahua puppy survives being shot in the neck with arrow
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The 4-month-old puppy in California is recovering after the arrow was removed and animal services is looking to find her a home.
Primary takeaways: Trump's revenge tour falters in Georgia as Kemp, Raffensperger crush GOP rivals
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Brian Kemp and Brad Raffensperger demolished their Trump-backed challengers. He sought to defeat them for rejecting his false 2020 election claims.
Struggling to buy baby formula? Here's where to find it online amid shortage
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Here's where to look for baby formula online during the shortage, as well as how to store formula or switch formulas.
A Florida woman saw animals trapped in a dried up pond. She made a call to save them.
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Turtles and alligators were left without food, water or shade when a concrete retention pond in Florida was drained. One employee decided to step in.
What are ketamine and norketamine? Examining the two drugs found in Dwayne Haskins' system after he died.
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Dwayne Haskins' toxicology report showed ketamine and norketamine in his system at the time of his death.
2022 NCAA Div. I softball tournament: Results, schedule, game times, TV info, bracket
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The road to the Women's College World Series is mapped out. A look at the NCAA softball tournament super regional schedule and results from regionals.
Tampa Bay Lightning sweep Florida Panthers to reach third round: Never count out the two-time defending champions
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At times in the playoffs, the two-time defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning appeared to be in trouble. Their championship pedigree won out.
Monkeypox cases may be mistaken for a sexual transmitted disease, CDC warns
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So far, 5 Americans are likely infected with monkeypox, the CDC said Monday. Health officials are trying to determine how the cases may be connected.
Animals rescued from Florida retention pond
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Turtles, alligators and other animals were trapped inside retention pond behind a shopping center. Locals called officials for help to rescue the animals.
Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins was intoxicated when hit and killed by dump truck
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Medical examiner determines Haskins had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood while attempting to cross interstate before his death in April.
Minnesota police arrest mother after 6-year-old son found dead in trunk
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The boy's mother, 28, and a man were taken into custody after the boy's body was found, but they have not been formally charged with a crime.
Under new laws, some teachers worry supporting LGBTQ students will get them sued or fired
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With a growing number of laws targeting LGBTQ rights in conservative states, some teachers are growing worried about how to best support students.
Coaches arguing over paying college players just another level of hypocrisy | Opinion
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Nick Saban has a problem with the new "business model" for college football players. But we don't see him complaining about making $10 million a year.
Sheriff says a Florida deputy deployed a Taser near a gas spill. A suspect was 'cooked alive,' according to his lawyer.
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Deputy David Crawford was charged with culpable negligence after sparking a fire with a Taser that injured Jean Barreto during an attempted arrest.
How to bet $100 in this year's Preakness Stakes | Analysis
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After shaking off the disappointment of getting wiped out in Kentucky Derby, it's time to try our luck in the Preakness with another $100 venture.
What happens in these states could be pivotal for abortion access. Here's why.
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If Roe is overturned, there are a few key states where access to abortion will be critical. Here's a look at why.
Doctors cry, too. Our broken health care system hurts physicians and patients alike.
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The government's documentation mandates force physicians to choose between providing compassionate care and serving a broken health care system.
Twinning! Florida twin sisters tie for valedictorian for the first time in school's history
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Surabhi is headed to Yale University and Sandhya is going to Harvard University. Both will be studying cell and molecular biology.
Voter 'subversion': Trump Republicans push laws to make it easier to change elections, per report
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Voter 'subversion:' Trump Republicans push laws to make it easier to change elections, per report
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Donald Trump Republicans in more than 30 states are seeking changes that basically would help them try to steal future elections, a new report says.
Florida twins graduate as co-salutatorians with 9.12 grade-point averages
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Identical twins' mother, Stephanie Deevers, said she recalls them taking advanced placement classes during the summer, just before entering 9th grade.
Florida homeowner finds 11-foot, 550-pound alligator enjoying family pool
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The 11-foot-long, more than 550-pound alligator tore through a screen to take a dip in a Florida family's pool.