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In this breakneck bulleted world, each shooting can slip from memory. We can't forget.
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We need to honor the memories, of shooting victims, preserve the stories, and somehow keep the faith that things will not always be this way.
Move over TobyKeith: Pebbles the Toy Fox Terrier named world's oldest living dog at 22
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A South Carolina family decided to submit Pebbles for the title of world's oldest dog after seeing the news about TobyKeith the Chihuahua.
Jacob Trouba sets the tone as New York Rangers even series with Carolina Hurricanes
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Jacob Trouba unloaded a crushing blow that sent Madison Square Garden into a frenzy. The Rangers defeated the Hurricanes 4-1 to tie the series.
Letting go of Ben Roethlisberger era is right move for Steelers — and their QBs | Opinion
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Outsiders are focused on who will replace Ben Roethlisberger as the Steelers' QB, but that's not the conversation within Pittsburgh's locker room.
4 teens die in 2 shootings within hours in small South Carolina city
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Authorities are still not sure if the two shootings were connected. But police confirmed the four teenagers who died Sunday did know one another.
American 'heroes' nominated to replace Confederate officers' names on Army bases
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Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Army's first Hispanic four-star general are among those who will be honored under an Army plan to eliminate commemoration of Confederates.
No wonder Alabama coach Nick Saban will miss the 'parity' that college football long enjoyed | Opinion
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Nick Saban raised eyebrows when he said recently he's concerned NIL will disrupt college football's parity. But hang on, maybe he's onto something
CDC seeks answers after 6 kids die from hepatitis outbreak that has spread to 36 states
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A spreading hepatitis outbreak that has killed six children has infectious disease experts scrambling to find answers.
Five-star quarterback Arch Manning scheduled to visit Georgia next month
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Arch Manning, the No. 1 prospect in the 2023 recruiting class, is set to take his official visit to Georgia the first weekend of June.
Trumpism is here to stay in Georgia no matter what happens during Tuesday's primaries
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Donald Trump is hoping to exact revenge on disloyal Georgia Republicans in the primary elections. He may fall short, but his influence will remain.
Some Jif peanut butter products recalled over salmonella outbreak concerns
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J.M. Smucker Co. has recalled some Jif peanut butter products amid a salmonella outbreak that has resulted in illnesses in 12 states.
Temperature records broken across the US as UN warns of continued climate disruption
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A series of announcements this week point out the impacts of climate change on warmer temperatures and food and energy security
Know a narcissist?
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Bear market fears and retirees: Seniors take steps to protect savings against stock plunge
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Who is John Fetterman? The Democratic nominee for Pennsylvania Senate
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Ex-Braddock mayor John Fetterman's story has long captivated the country. Now he hopes it can get him to the Senate. What to know about Fetterman.
What is storm surge? It's often a hurricane's deadliest and most destructive threat
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A storm surge, the massive mound of water that builds up and comes ashore during a hurricane, is often the storm's most destructive threat.
Seniors move to guard savings and survive volatile stock market, rising rates, inflation
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Experts offer seniors tips to survive stock market plunges, soaring inflation, rising interest rates, and possible recession.
Pennsylvania GOP Senate race, Finland and Sweden bid to join NATO, formula shortage: 5 things to know Wednesday
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The Pennsylvania GOP Senate race remains uncalled, Finland and Sweden apply to join NATO and more news to start your Wednesday.
Beasley, Budd win NC Senate primary elections
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U.S. Rep. Ted Budd and former state Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley won their respective Senate primaries on Tuesday, setting up a fall election matchup that should again test former President Donald Trump's influence in North Carolina. (May 18)
GOP Ted Budd, Dem Cheri Beasley win NC Senate primaries; Pennsylvania polls close; live primary results
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Republican Ted Budd, Democrat Cheri Beasley win Senate primaries in North Carolina; live primary updates
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Rand Paul wins GOP Senate race in Kentucky as polls close in North Carolina; live primary updates
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What is 'gray rocking'? How to set boundaries with the narcissist in your life.
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The "gray rock method" is a communication strategy to repel and "bore" narcissists in your life. Here's how it works.
Our well-meaning hashtags won't stop racist mass shootings. We need to take action.
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A hashtag won't stop that kind of murderous hate. Only action will. Here's some things white people can do to be better allies.
NHL playoffs Game 7 picks for Saturday: Three first-round series are down to the wire
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Boston-Carolina, Tampa Bay-Toronto and Los Angeles-Edmonton Game 7s are Saturday. How USA TODAY Sports' NHL staffers see the games playing out.