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Residents demonstrate against council president
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With signs and T-shirts, McSherrystown residents expressed dissatisfaction with borough council President Dan Colgan’s leadership Wednesday.
Conservation and bird populations
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Spring songbird migration is in full swing right now. Imagine that you have just left your wintering grounds in southwestern Brazil or central Bolivia. Over the winter you’ve escaped the farmers’ shotguns and intentional poisonings as they consider you an…
Adams receiving $3M in opioid settlement
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More than $3 million is coming to Adams County in the fight against the opioid epidemic.
Community Calendar for May 26
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Court News ~ Beauchat
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The following items were on file at Magisterial District Judge Mark Beauchat’s office as of May 18.
Court news Snyder
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The following items were on file at Magisterial District Judge Matthew Snyder’s office as of May 18.
Companies blanket Pa. with ads about how to get a medical marijuana card, but doctors are silenced
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HARRISBURG — When Pennsylvania lawmakers legalized medical cannabis in 2016, they struck an unusual deal: Physicians can approve patients for the program but they are banned from advertising that power.
Court News ~ Snyder
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The following items were on file at Magisterial District Judge Snyder’s office as of May 2.
Court News ~ Harvey
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The following items were on file at Magisterial District Judge Matthew Harvey’s office as of May 18.
Foundation awards $188K in scholarships
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The Adams County Community Foundation recently announced $188,000 in new scholarship awards to students in Adams County and South-Central Pennsylvania, according to a foundation release.
Community Calendar for May 25
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How to make your hometown smile
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Every May, I get a smile on my face as I think of the Selby family. Because May is the month when the Adams County Community Foundation distributes grants from the Bernard, Mary and Richard Selby Family Memorial Fund.
Lions help Gleaning Project
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A program that helps feed thousands of area families in need received a new walk-in refrigeration unit and a storage shed thanks to support from Lions Clubs.
Adelene Gertrude Sentz Diehl Kirkham
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Adelene Gertrude Sentz (Diehl) Kirkham, 95, of Gettysburg, passed away on Monday, May 23, 2022, at the Gettysburg Hospital.
Southern Baptist Convention leaders decide to release long-secret list of accused ministers
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The Southern Baptist Convention released a statement on the sexual misconduct report, which criticized how leaders failed to address abuse.
Be an agent of change, advocate, educate
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“Go forth! Be an agent of change. And wherever you go, go forth!”
Rotary raises, donates over $35K
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The Rotary Club of Gettysburg has distributed more than $35,000 to community organizations and outstanding high school students since July 1, 2021, according to a Rotary release.
Qually stages successful write-in campaign
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Adams County Commissioner Marty Qually’s name will appear on the November General Election ballot as the Democratic candidate for the 91st District State House seat after he received 811 write-in votes in the primary, according to officials.
Barn fire cause undetermined
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Fire engulfed a barn Saturday night at 898 Shrivers Corner Road in Straban Township, Gettysburg Fire Chief Larry Weikert said. No injuries resulted, he said.
Community Calendar for May 24
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Woman plunges through stairway
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A woman fell about 15 feet when a stairway landing collapsed Sunday, Littlestown Police Chief Charles Kellar said.
Police and fire for May 24, 2022
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Cerulean Godzilla
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One of the best and oddest things about writing a personal column is the mystery.
The Constitution & Censorship
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Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is censorship. In 1964, Justice Potter Stewart offered this on hard-core pornography, in Jacobellis v. Ohio: He could not use words to describe pornography, but “I know it when…
Special summer events and a new museum exhibit
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We are happy to announce a new temporary exhibition, “A Rough Course Life: The World of the Civil War Soldier,” opening at the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum & Visitor Center this summer. The curatorial staff of Gettysburg National Military…