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Schenectady man receives probation for driving drunk with infant in vehicle
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A Schenectady man was sentenced to 5 years of probation for driving while intoxicated with a child in the vehicle.
Glens Falls may get a piece of county ARPA funds
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The Warren County committee in charge of awarding the federal relief funds has recommended giving money for Glens Falls' recreation projects.
Festival of Trees returns to The Queensbury Hotel for 31st year
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The 31st Annual North Country Festivals of Trees event returned to Glens Falls this weekend to benefit Prospect Center, an affiliate of the Center for Disability Services.
Nets’ long homestand provides opportunity for season turnaround
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If the Nets are going to realize their potential, there might not be a more likely time than the home stretch of seven games over 13 days.
Nonprofits, charities hope Giving Tuesday delivers
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Giving Tuesday is a day to support nonprofit organizations and charities.
Multiple Grinches don't steal Salem parade's Christmas spirit
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The crowds along Salem’s Main Street had perfect weather on Saturday afternoon for watching the town’s annual holiday parade.
Saturday's State Scoreboard
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Scores from Saturday's state football games.
O'Neill ends Warrensburg-Lake George's season
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James I. O’Neill scored three times in the third quarter to beat Warrensburg-Lake George 41-22 on Saturday in a Class C football state semifinal.
Queensbury man sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison for selling crack cocaine
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A Queensbury man was sentenced to 3 ½ years in prison for selling crack cocaine.
Nets looking to find a fix for rebounding woes
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Entering their 128-117 loss to the Pacers on Friday, the Nets were last in the NBA in rebounding rate, by an average of five boards per game.
State Scoreboard
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Wolverines prepare for high-powered passing attack
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A preview of Saturday's state semifinal football game between Warrensburg-Lake George and James I. O'Neill of Highland Falls.
Cambridge-Salem beats Moriah, earns trip to Dome
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Cambridge-Salem rushed for six touchdowns in a 47-22 victory over Moriah on Friday in a Class D football state semifinal at Middletown High School.
Man who posed as substitute school nurse in Queensbury gets probation
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The Saratoga Springs man who attempted to pass himself off as a substitute registered nurse has been sentenced to probation.
Glens Falls police officer certified as drug recognition expert
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GLENS FALLS — Glens Falls Police Officer Thomas Pratt completed his Drug Recognition Experts certification in October and is now one of roughly 400 officers in the state of New York with the training.
Nets’ Kevin Durant unbothered by rare quiet night as teammates step up
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Kevin Durant will head into the Nets’ game against the Pacers on Friday off an uncharacteristically quiet game.
Morehouse, Wolverines line pave way to state semis
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Cooper Morehouse, the last of North Warren's players on the Warrensburg-Lake George football team, and his linemates have paved the Wolverines' path to the state semifinals.
COVID-19 community level still low in region
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Warren County Health Services reported 13 new COVID cases on Thursday.
Former tourism director blames Warren County flaws for resignation
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Alfred Snow, hired by Warren County as the director of tourism in August, submitted a letter of resignation, effective immediately on Nov. 14, due to "being regularly lied to," among other complaints about his colleagues and county spending.
Hometown Thanksgiving once again allows for a sit-down meal
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Hometown Holidays returned to Christ Church United Methodist on Thursday, serving a record-breaking number of meals.
Queensbury supervisor defends town's 2023 budget
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Supervisor John Strough opened the Town Board meeting on Monday night by attempting to set the record straight about the 2023 budget.
Police: Queensbury woman crashed car while 3 times legal limit for intoxication
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A Queensbury woman was arrested for allegedly driving while more than three times the legal limit for intoxication and causing a crash.
I’m so proud of my little boy after finding raunchy video on his iPad
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"When I first saw it I found it hilarious. It's not too rude — but it's definitely on the borderline," said the proud papa. "I thought I'd put it on to catch him out and interrogate him a bit. His reaction was really funny."
Nets’ Yuta Watanabe will miss rest of trip with hamstring injury
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The Nets will be without rapidly developing glue guy Yuta Watanabe at least through the rest of their current road trip.