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3 bodies, including woman stabbed and bound to bed, found in Queens
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The grisly discovery was made when police responded to a 911 call shortly after 2 p.m. in Jamaica and found the body of a 22-year-old woman lying in a bed on the second floor, according to sources.
Aunt says NYC teen subway surfer who’s clinging to life was doing ‘what kids do’
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The 15-year-old boy was riding on top of a northbound No. 7 train car when police believe he struck his head on an unknown object.
15-year-old in critical condition after striking head while subway surfing atop NYC 7 train
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Dramatic footage from the scene shows officers and paramedics lifting the teen off the train car roof and laying him down onto the subway platform.
Teen subway surfer knocked unconscious riding atop Queens train
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Police found the teenage subway surfer just before 6:10 p.m. atop a southbound No. 7 train on the elevated tracks at the 111th St. station on Roosevelt Ave. in Richmond Hill, cops said.
Duo busted for spray painting graffiti on trains in Queens: cops
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A man from Portugal and a Brooklyn woman were busted for spray painting graffiti on subway cars in Queens, the NYPD said Thursday.
Gov. Hochul orders investigation into Smithtown library’s ban on Pride books
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“It’s unreal. It’s like we are in the Bible Belt,” said David Kilmnick the president and CEO of the LGBT Network, a nonprofit that fights for the rights of LGBTQ people and their families in Queens and Long Island.
Windows of more than 30 cars smashed in NYC overnight, cops say
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Dozens of parked cars were left with smashed windows during an overnight seven-block Queens vandalism spree, cops said.
Man sleeping under truck outside NYC cemetery run over and killed
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A man was snoozing under the unoccupied Ford F350 at Maurice Avenue and 53rd Drive – just outside Mount Zion Cemetery in Maspeth -- when the motorist returned and ran him over, police said.
‘Hero’ Correx officer gets surprise stopping to help NYC crash vic
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A city Correction Officer spotted a flipped-over vehicle on the side of the road as he drove home from Rikers Island last week and sprang into action to help a complete stranger — or so he thought.
Man sleeping under van outside Queens cemetery killed when driver unwittingly runs over him
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The bizarre tragedy unfolded just outside Mt. Zion Cemetery on Maurice Ave. near 54th Drive in Maspeth about 6:50 p.m. Tuesday, cops said.
Get used to it: Mayor Adams defends gross school lunches at NYC schools
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Mayor Eric Adams on Tuesday defended public school lunches after many students spoke out about the less-than-appetizing meals -- claiming those complaining just aren't used to "healthy" food.
Caller mad at nude pics threatens to bomb Queens prep school: cops
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A caller who said he was angry at his girlfriend for posting nude photos of him online threatened to blow up St. Francis Preparatory School in Fresh Meadows, Queens.
Teen calls in bomb threat to Queens high school, says he’s angry nude photos of him were posted online
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Students at St. Francis Prep on Francis Lewis Blvd. in Fresh Meadows were evacuated shortly before noon Tuesday after the teenager called in claiming he had planted a pipe bomb in the school, cops said.
Julian Champagnie can write his latest ‘underdog’ chapter in 2022 NBA Draft
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Queens DA Katz dodges questions as GOP calls for probe into ‘misuse’ of NYPD detail
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Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz avoided questions on The Post's bombshell report revealing she used her security detail to help her run errands.
Man arrested after bag of human bones found in basement of NYC home
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A Queens man has been arrested after a bag of human bones was found in the basement of a home he lives in, cops said Monday.
Heartbroken friends recount how girl, 16, drowned at Queens Rockaway Beach after dad’s warnings: ‘We were all...
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As temperatures soared to an unseasonable high of over 90 degrees, victim Diaka Kourouma, 16, and friends from the Bronx decided to go swimming at Rockaway Beach, even though none had ever been there before.
DA Melinda Katz’s use of security detail to move harks back to de Blasio ‘misuse’
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Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz tasked her publicly funded security detail with helping her move — similar to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s documented misuse of his protection team.
Victim arrested for opening fire during fatal shootout outside Queens catering hall involving apparent assault rifle
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Dwayne Whyte, 28, is charged with attempted murder, attempted assault and gun possession for allegedly firing a gun during the clash in a parking lot outside a banquet hall in Ozone Park about 5 a.m. Sunday.
Tommy Hunter finally makes Mets return after career-threatening injury
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Queens DA Melinda Katz uses security detail ‘as her personal car service’: sources
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Sources familiar with Katz’s routine told The Post that members of her security detail also had been hauling flat-screen TVs, groceries and dry cleaning around for her.
Queens homeowner who found woman’s remains hidden in son’s basement apartment trying to ‘wrap head around’...
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Gilbert Legendre, 65, made the morbid discovery in his Laurelton home at 138th Ave. near Carson St. Saturday afternoon.
Three men shot, one fatally, by gunman with apparent assault weapon outside Queens catering hall
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The violence started as an argument in a parking lot outside a banquet hall on Cross Bay Blvd. near Desarc Road in Ozone Park about 5 a.m., cops said.
One killed, 3 injured after gunman fires weapon outside Queens catering hall
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Three men were shot Sunday morning -- one fatally -- by a gunman firing what appeared to be an assault rifle during a dispute outside a Queens catering hall, cops said.
Keegan Bradley will be big hometown favorite in final round of US Open
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Keegan Bradley was in his element. He was in a place he had always dreamed of being since he was a sports-junkie kid growing up in Vermont.