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Cop who saved 4-year-old from Times Square shooting gives girl’s family $3k check
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The NYPD officer who carried a 4-year-old girl to an ambulance after she was shot in Times Square earlier this year raised $3,000 for the girl’s family, as she recovers from her injuries.
Brian Laundrie update: Autopsy inconclusive, anthropologist to determine cause of death
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The development comes two days after the 23-year-old's remains were discovered next to his backpack and notebook in a Florida wilderness park near his parent's North Port home. His body was identified through dental records Thursday.
Florida parks reopen after Brian Laundrie’s body found
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Wooded areas throughout Sarasota County had been blocked-off for weeks amid the search for Laundrie
NASA Planning Moon Launch in 2022
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A flight of the Space Launch System and Orion capsule without astronauts aboard is planned for early next year, a first, long-delayed step toward returning astronauts to the moon’s surface.
Shaquille O’Neal finally scores a buyer for Florida mansion
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Brian Laundrie’s death may rob Gabby Petitos’ family of ‘closure’
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Gabby Petito’s devastated family fears that her fugitive boyfriend's death means they will never get "closure" with answers on why she was murdered, according to a close friend.
Retailers turn to bizarre tactics to cover up empty shelves as supply chain crisis worsens
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Shoppers have flooded social media with images of bare shelves at supermarkets and department stores in recent weeks, as #EmptyShelvesJoe began trending on Twitter.
Frontier Airlines pilot charged with hiding cam in college student’s window
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A Frontier Airlines pilot was arrested for hiding a spy camera in the bedroom window of a Florida college student, university police said.
Ex-Jet Kenbrell Thompkins pleads guilty to stealing COVID relief funds
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Career earnings of $1.4 million apparently wasn't enough for Kenbrell Thompkins, the ex-Jets receiver embroiled in a fraud scandal.
Rep. Matt Gaetz stripped of right to practice law in Florida as sex case woes mount
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The law license snafu may be the least of Gaetz’s problems in coming weeks and months.
Brian Laundrie’s parents say he was ‘very upset’ before leaving home
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Brian Laundrie's parents, whose remains have been found at a Florida reserve, said the former fugitive was “very upset” before he left their home.
Parents of Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito remain mum after fugitive’s remains ID’d
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Both families were tight-lipped Thursday after the FBI confirmed that the remains found in a Florida wilderness park belonged to Brian Laundrie, while others say his parents are partially to blame for the grim outcome.
FBI confirms Brian Laundrie’s remains were found in Florida park
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Laundrie, 23, had been a person of interest in the death of his fiancée Gabby Petito.
Brian Laundrie’s remains found in Florida park, FBI says
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Investigators involved in the month-long search for fugitive Brian Laundrie said Wednesday a body was found in a Florida nature reserve.
Florida man accused of killing neighbor in fight over cat
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A Central Florida man was so angry that a cat went into his home that he grabbed a gun and fatally shot his neighbor, authorities said Thursday.
‘Bad boy’ alligator removed from lagoon for hostile behavior
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This Australian zoo has their very own Kanye — and he's a bit of a handful.
Brian Laundrie: Locals doubt there is much left to identify
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Jayne Kornburger said the scene may have been disturbed by hikers -- Myakkahatchee reopened to the public one day before the FBI reported making the grisly discovery.
Brian Laundrie’s sister spotted for first time since human remains found
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Brian Laundrie’s sister, Cassie has been spotted for the first time since her fugitive brother’s backpack and notebook were discovered alongside human remains in a Florida park.
How Republicans Are Weaponizing Critical Race Theory Ahead of Midterms
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Republicans hope that concerns about critical race theory can help them in the midterm elections. The issue has torn apart one Wisconsin suburb.
Southwest mass cancellations debacle cost $75M, company says
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The cancellations as well as customer refunds and "gestures of goodwill" all contributed to the estimated cost.
Brian Laundrie case: Cadaver dogs may find more remains in Florida park, experts say
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Cadaver dogs could end up sniffing out more body parts at the Florida park where Brian Laundrie's suspected remains were discovered, a search-and-rescue expert told The Post.
Remains discovery in Brian Laundrie case may vindicate his parents, ex-prosecutor says
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Chris and Roberta Laundrie, who remained holed up in their home, had faced the ire of protesters and online sleuths that they were in on their son’s actions.
Monitor Matt Corral’s status before betting on Ole Miss vs. LSU
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If Corral can’t run the way he has — which has become a huge part of the Ole Miss offense — that could change the outlook on this game quite a bit.
Versatile Derwin James Is a Prototypical N.F.L. Defender
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As offenses have grown increasingly complex, teams have looked for defensive players who can do a little bit of everything.
Ex-Giuliani Ally Gained Easy Access to Trump’s Orbit, Texts Show
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Lev Parnas appeared to parlay donations to Republican candidates into influence and access — and money from a Russian tycoon.