Blackhawks hiring Luke Richardson as next head coach
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The Chicago Blackhawks are nearing a deal with Luke Richardson to become their next coach.
Some bosses paying for workers’ gasoline as prices hit all-time highs: report
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Some companies have reportedly decided to foot the bill for their employees’ gas expenses as prices at the pump have surged to all-time highs in recent weeks. Companies are implementing gasoline stipends or passing out gift cards in a bid to keep their workers happy in what remains an extremely tight labor market, the Wall...
House Hunting in Canada: A Victorian Italianate Jewel Outside Toronto
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Rising interest rates are beginning to make an impact on the housing market in Canada’s biggest city, with sales slowing and prices dipping.
It’s Been 50 Years. I Am Not ‘Napalm Girl’ Anymore.
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The surviving people in war photographs, especially the children, must somehow go on. We are not symbols. We are human.
Hiker dies on Grand Canyon National Park trail, officials say
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A Canadian woman has passed away after hiking on a Grand Canyon National Park trail.
Corinthian Colleges Student Loans Will Be Forgiven, Education Dept. Says
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The Education Department said it would wipe out the debts of 560,000 borrowers who had enrolled in the for-profit college chain, which collapsed in 2015.
I met my man a month ago – we live 230 miles apart but we’re getting married
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"Marriage is happening this year. We're not engaged yet but it's going to happen. She'll be married before the baby even comes out..."
Canada moves to ban sale of handguns in sweeping bill introduced after Uvalde shooting
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"It will no longer be possible to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in Canada. In other words, we're capping the market for handguns," Trudeau said.
Canada’s Military, Where Sexual Misconduct Went to the Top, Looks for a New Path
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A report by a former Supreme Court justice due out Monday will offer recommendations to turn around pervasive sexual assault and harassment.
Texas shooter Salvador Ramos threatened to kill teens on Yubo: report
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Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos threatened to rape and harm social media users and was given the nickname the "Yubo school shooter," according to reports.
Woman told to ‘kill’ herself over tattoo of Johnny Depp’s lawyer
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"Symbolizes strength, confidence, speaking up and unapologetically seeking truth and justice," she said was the reason behind her new ink.
Bus Maker Settles Fraud Case Tied to Government Contract
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The company, New Flyer, a supplier to Los Angeles County, was accused of not fulfilling a commitment to create jobs that paid agreed-upon wages and benefits.
Stellantis and Samsung to Spend $2.5 Billion on an EV Battery Plant in Indiana
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The automaker, which owns Jeep and Ram, is seeking to catch up in a global race to build electric cars and trucks.
London’s Science Museum Surveys Cancer’s History and Treatment
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A history of the disease’s treatment, from gory past techniques to promising advances, is on show at the Science Museum in London.