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‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 review: Penultimate season is too bloated
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Everything is turning upside-down. “Stranger Things” is back after three years and the Netflix hit is bigger than ever — but it’s a mixed bag in its penultimate season. At the end of Season 3 (which came out in 2019) everyone was separated: Hopper (David Harbour) was presumed dead (but was shown to be alive...
Scorned by Trump, Mo Brooks Rises in Alabama Senate Race
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Mr. Brooks, a hard-right representative, seems to be making an unlikely comeback in a Senate race in which the Trump endorsement may not determine votes of Trump supporters.
‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 spoiled in Monopoly, causing Duffer bros ‘meltdown’
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A Monopoly board game has spoiled plot points of "Stranger Things" Season 4, causing the Duffer Brothers to have a "meltdown."
University of Illinois Chicago wants to cancel the word ‘obesity’ because it’s ‘racist’
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The University of Illinois Chicago's school of public health published an article by a dietitian claiming the medical term "obesity" is "racist" and should be replaced.
Sweden joins Finland, wants in on NATO despite Russia nuke warning
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​Sweden on Monday joined Finland in announcing that it would formally seek NATO membership, ending decades of military neutrality by the Nordic countries.
Yankees continue puzzling inability to provide Jordan Montgomery run support
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The only thing that can stop the Yankees’ offense right now, apparently, is Jordan Montgomery.
Aroldis Chapman surrenders walk-off as White Sox snap Yankees’ win streak
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The Yankees don’t lose to the White Sox often, but when they do, it’s in dramatic fashion.
Expect more Islanders changes if Lou Lamoriello desires new playing style
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It will take a fair amount of maneuvering to remake this roster, which currently includes nine forwards age 29 or older, four of whom have modified no-move clauses.
Alabama’s Transgender Youth Can Use Medicine to Transition, Judge Rules
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A federal judge temporarily halted part of a new law that prevents doctors from prescribing puberty blockers and hormone therapies to transgender youth. He upheld a ban on sex-altering operations.
Bill Cosby, accuser Judy Huth submit questions for potential LA jurors
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Potential jurors in an upcoming civil suit against Bill Cosby will be asked how much they know about the comedian's previous criminal sexual-assault case.
Will There Be a ‘Candy’ Season 2 on Hulu?
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Travis Scott sued over death of unborn child of Astroworld festivalgoer
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Shanazia Williamson and husband Jarawd Owens claim their baby died as a result of the "horrific injuries" she sustained at the November 2021 concert in Houston.
Rob Manfred has to realize streaming is killing MLB viewership
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By agreeing to streaming its games, MLB has allowed itself to become a lab rat, with baseball fans used as rat bait.
Justice Dept. Tries to Shift Environmental Justice Efforts From Symbolic to Substantive
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The agency has announced a series of policies intended to elevate those efforts, including the creation of an office meant to address the “harm caused by environmental crime, pollution and climate change.”
Justin Timberlake Surprises ‘Candy’ Fans With Cameo Alongside Wife Jessica Biel
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Timberlake asked wife Jessica Biel for the role of investigator Steve Deffibaugh in her true crime series after reading the Candy script.
Slate Names Ex-HuffPost Editor as Its New Top Editor
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Hillary Frey will lead the online publication as it struggles to find its way after a number of high-level departures and tries to work toward profitability.
Where Was Hulu’s ‘Candy’ Filmed?
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Though the series is based in Texas, it wasn't actually filmed in the Lone Star State.
‘Ultimate showman’ of bass fishing Ray Scott dead at 88
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Ray Scott, a consummate promoter who helped launch professional bass angling and became a fishing buddy to presidents, has died.
Greg Sankey on College Football Playoff expansion: SEC is 'fine staying at four' teams
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"This conference will thrive at four (teams). Period. That's not healthy for the rest of FBS college football," Greg Sankey says of the playoff.
Jordan Montgomery has been doing everything but win
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Jordan Montgomery has been doing well. It’s everyone around him who’s letting him down.
‘Candy’ Episode Guide: How Many Episodes Are in Jessica Biel’s Hulu Series?
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Mets and Yankees Split Doubleheaders on a Busy Sunday
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Max Scherzer’s winning streak finally ended for the Mets in a loss to the Phillies and the Yankees began a stretch in which they do not have a day off until Memorial Day.
What happened to Candy Montgomery? Gruesome story behind Hulu’s ‘Candy’
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Montgomery was a popular stay-at-home mom who attended church, which made what happened on Friday, June 13, 1980, so shocking.
‘The Wonder Years’ Fires EP/Director Fred Savage Due To Inappropriate Conduct
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Fred Savage fired as 'Wonder Years' director, producer after misconduct investigation
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Fred Savage has been removed as director and executive producer of "The Wonder Years" after an investigation into his alleged inappropriate conduct.