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GOP wants answers on IRS’ $700K ammo stockpile as Dems OK $80B for agency enforcement
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Congressional Republicans want to know what the Internal Revenue Service intends to do with $700,000 worth of ammunition it added to its stockpile.
‘Catastrophe’ star Sharon Horgan on her new Apple show ‘Bad Sisters’
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Emmy-nominated writer/actress/ comedian Sharon Horgan’s new Apple TV+ series “Bad Sisters” is part comedy and part thriller — following a group of sisters who may or may not have killed their toxic brother-in-law.  “I had finished ‘Catastrophe,’” Horgan, 52, told The Post, referring to the previous show in which she starred and...
New Laws in Sierra Leone Reshape Environmental Battleground
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The West African nation will let communities veto mining, farming and industrial projects. Activists say the legislation is a progressive landmark. At least one investor calls it unworkable.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, other conservatives lean into Christian nationalism. What is it?
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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and other politicians have embraced Christian nationalism, calling for less division between church and state.
Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks Texas jury was rough on fellow conspiracy theorist Alex Jones
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Elon Musk reacts to $80B IRS overhaul in Inflation Reduction Act: ‘Seems high’
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Marjorie Taylor Greene: Dem-led reconciliation bill will create ‘new IRS force’
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"Lower to middle income Americans and small businesses will be the primary targets of Democrats' new IRS force," Greene tweeted.
‘What a Horrible Place This Would Have Been’
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Archaeologists found the remains of 14 soldiers who died in a pivotal Revolutionary War battle — a fresh reminder of the violence of war.
Liz Cheney Risks Primary Over Jan. 6 and Trump Investigation
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Liz Cheney Is Ready to Lose. But She’s Not Ready to Quit.
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The Republican says her crusade to stop Donald J. Trump will continue — even if she loses her primary next week. Restoring a “very sick” G.O.P. will take years, she says, “if it can be healed.”
Leonard Greene: Hey men, stop fighting your women’s trivial battles
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There are two men in New York City who would still be alive right now if two women had kept their phones in their pockets.
Don’t Expect Alex Jones’s Comeuppance to Stop Lies
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His success has inspired a new generation of conspiracy theorists, who have learned how to stay away from legal trouble.
By embracing Donald Trump, LIV Golf is branding itself as the MAGA Tour | Opinion
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After three events, LIV Golf players cannot possibly deny that their tour is being used to feed Donald Trump's ego and his political ambitions.
Cold-Plunging With Maine’s ‘Ice Mermaids’
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A photographer in Maine has been documenting groups of women who submerge themselves in near-freezing water. Here’s what she’s seen.
Trump-Backed Conspiracy Theorist Vies to Take Over Arizona Elections
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Mark Finchem, a full-throated MAGA warrior, is a leading contender to be Arizona’s next secretary of state. He has said he won’t concede if he loses.
LIV Golf experience is weirdly fun show — but still all about the money
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For those who paid attention to the latest LIV Golf tournament, did it feel like a real sporting event or a three-day circus with only the animals missing?
Leonard Greene: Stick to saving souls, pistols for preachers is a bad idea
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Isiah Kiner-Falefa gets redemption for miscue with Yankees’ go-ahead hit
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Three innings after his defensive flub opened the floodgates to a five-run inning that washed away the Yankees’ lead, Isiah Kiner-Falefa got it back.
Horrifying moment man apparently randomly stabs Fort Greene fruit-store worker
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The NYPD is searching for a suspect who stabbed a fruit store worker with a screwdriver in an unprovoked attack in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, as seen in surveillance video.
These Republican Governors Are Delivering Results, and Many Voters Like Them for It
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Some G.O.P. governors have high public profiles, others fly below the radar — and many are excelling.
Swing Voters Scramble Traditional Republican and Democratic Political Coalitions
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Democrats are on the defensive with vital political constituencies rattled by inflation. But amid concerns over abortion rights and democracy, Republicans still have problems in the highly educated suburbs.
Yankees’ Domingo German bounces back after rough first start
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Domingo German’s second start of the season went much better than his first.
Brad Pitt shells out $40M for coastal California home
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That tidy sum makes this off-market purchase one of the most expensive ever to happen in the Carmel area.
Marjorie Taylor Greene: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow part of the ‘godless lying left’
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The controversial Republican lawmaker was unhappy after Maddow likened her to a 1940s-era firebrand politician who espoused "Christian nationalist" views.
QAnon Candidates Aren’t Thriving, but Some of Their Ideas Are
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While few with ties to the conspiracy theory are winning their primaries, themes pushed by QAnon followers have become Republican talking points.