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Body of missing University of Minnesota student found in Mississippi River
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Austin Retterath, described as standing approximately 6-foot-2, weighing 160 pounds, and having blonde hair, was last seen alive on May 8.
Ginni Thomas urged Arizona lawmakers to reverse Trump election loss: report
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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife urged Arizona lawmakers to attempt to reverse President Biden’s 2020 presidential win.
America’s Doug Mastriano Problem
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The Republican Party’s strategy to contain populist rebellion didn’t work in Pennsylvania.
The deep secret Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons are hiding in ‘Night Sky’
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You can't go wrong with a project headlined by Oscar winners Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons -- and they deliver the goods in "Night Sky."
A Central Park Birder Has a New TV Show
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Christian Cooper’s encounter in Central Park with a white woman who called 911 to falsely accuse him of threatening her spurred a national outcry. Now he is hosting a birding series for National Geographic.
Man fatally struck by Mercedes-Benz in Brooklyn
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The man attempted to cross the busy six-lane intersection around 9 p.m.when the 2014 Mercedes-Benz GL 550 slammed into him near Franklin avenue, police said.
Man fatally struck by Mercedes-Benz driver on Brooklyn parkway
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The victim was attempting to cross the six-lane roadway outside the crosswalk when a westbound 2014 Mercedes-Benz GL 550 slammed into him near Franklin Ave. about 9 p.m. Monday, cops said.
Republican ‘Chaos’ in Pennsylvania Threatens to Upend the Midterms
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The G.O.P. thought it had 2022 all figured out. Then along came Kathy Barnette and Doug Mastriano.
How the Rolling Stones overcame heroin addiction to make ‘Exile’
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Out of chaos — drug-fueled debauchery and financial problems — came the band’s double album "Exile on Main St.," which was released 50 years ago.
M.L.B. Signs Deal With Operator of NFT Fantasy Game
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In the game by Sorare, a start-up valued at $4.3 billion, players can collect tokens that represent pro athletes. The league and Sorare will share revenue from the sale of the tokens.
Alabama jail boss Vicky White hit with new charges, accused of identity theft after helping convict escape
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Former Alabama jail boss Vicky White was hit with additional charges for allegedly using an alias to purchase the car used in convicted killer Casey Cole White's escape.
University of Minnesota student Austin Retterath reported missing
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A university spokesperson confirmed Monday Retterath was a student, but said there wasn’t more public information to provide. He’s about 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds with blonde hair.
Sam Hunt’s pregnant wife, Hannah Lee Fowler, calls off divorce: report
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The country singer and his wife have reportedly rekindled their relationship after the two were spotted walking their dog together in Franklin, Tenn.
Midterms’ Biggest Abortion Battleground: Pennsylvania
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The leading Republicans running for governor in the state want to outlaw abortion. The presumptive Democratic nominee promises to veto any ban.
LA site of Manson murder mansion gets $15M price cut
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The Beverly Hills mansion built in place of the home where Charles Manson's entourage killed Sharon Tate and four others is available for less.
Former NHL star Mike Ribeiro arrested after sexual assault accusations by two women
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Ribeiro, who retired in 2017, was indicted on two counts of sexual assault on April 13 in Franklin County, according to records cited Wednesday by the Dallas Morning News.
In Arizona, a Swing State Swings to the Far Right
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In the run-up to an August primary, a number of Republicans on the ballot in Arizona — like those in Ohio — have rushed to embrace Donald J. Trump and his stolen-election falsehoods.
New Jersey WWII veteran competes in Penn Relays — at 100 years old
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How does a World War II veteran celebrate his 100th birthday? New Jersey native Lester Wright was more than happy to run a 100-meter dash at the historic Penn Relays.
Inside Naomi, Wynonna and Ashley Judd’s ‘alphabet’ of family tragedies
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Naomi Judd’s family spent Monday night singing hymns in her memory as they prepared to lay the country music legend to rest. But even as her loved ones are making plans to honor the singer, Williamson County Sheriff’s department in Tennessee is still investigating her death, a spokesperson confirmed to The Post. The Franklin County...
Hydroponic Lettuce Was Seen as Safe From Salmonella, Until an Outbreak
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The F.D.A. criticized measures at a hydroponics greenhouse linked to an outbreak last summer, and offered guidelines that have ramifications for the popular industry.
Alabama public health worker mauled to death by pack of dogs
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The Alabama Department of Health employee was killed by a pack of dogs while following up on an attack earlier in the week by the same pack of dogs.
Book Review: ‘The Gotti Wars,’ by John Gleeson
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John Gleeson’s “The Gotti Wars” is a memoir about what it took to jail America’s star gangster.
America, Again the Arsenal of Democracy
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Biographies About Elon Musk and What Makes Him Tick
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Walter Isaacson, a biographer who has written about Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs, is working on a book about the world’s richest man.
Florida sheriff busts own daughter in meth sting
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Franklin County Sheriff A.J. "Tony" Smith was forced to arrest his own daughter Kristen Kent when he asked a busted meth dealer to identify her supplier.