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U.K. Borrowers React to Soaring Interest Rates in Mortgage Market
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The financial turmoil in Britain has led to soaring interest rates, prompting many lenders to withdraw products and stoking worry among homeowners about rising costs.
Biden arrives in London ahead of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral
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President Biden — and his massive security detail — arrived in London Saturday ahead of the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.
Biden one of few allowed to arrive by helicopter to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral
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President Joe Biden will be one of the only world leaders allowed to use his helicopter in London when he arrives for the Queen's funeral.
Dad buys newborn son his own $2.8M yacht and $34.6K wardrobe
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The multi-millionaire dads spare no costs when it comes to their children, spending a year's salary on their infant's wardrobe alone.
Never-before-seen lost footage of Beatles’ ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ found
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New behind-the-scenes footage of The Beatles shooting their 1967 cult classic "Magical Mystery Tour" movie is going to auction.
Queen Elizabeth impersonator retires ‘out of respect’ for late monarch
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"I mean, it's a change of an era now, it's all going to be very weird," said Mary Reynolds, who has been impersonating the Queen since 1988.
Royal fans mourn Queen Elizabeth II’s death: ‘Meant everything to me’
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Mourners started flocking to the 96-year-old's residences to drop off bouquets of flowers and tributes as soon as news of her passing was announced.