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Analysis: Ruling upends constitutional law process
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The Supreme Court's ruling to end constitutional protections for abortion will have a detrimental impact on vulnerable parts of democracy and how the Constitution could be interpreted going forward, according to Columbia University's Terry McGovern. (June 24) (AP Video/Ted Shaffrey)
What’s Next for Juul and E-Cigarettes?
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The company is appealing the F.D.A.’s ruling that it stop selling its vaping products. Whether they will remain on the market in the interim has yet to be decided.
'People will travel': What overturning Roe v. Wade could mean for abortions across state lines
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A growing number of people are traveling out of state for abortions, but the distances could jump now that Roe v. Wade is overturned.
Heat Waves Around the World Push People and Nations ‘To the Edge’
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Large, simultaneous heat waves are growing more common. China, America, Europe and India have all been stricken recently, and scientists are starting to understand why certain far-flung places get hit at once.
In Russia’s War on Ukraine, China and India Emerge as Financiers
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Their purchases of Russian crude are undermining the West’s efforts to isolate the Kremlin and upending the global oil markets.
With Swag and Swagger, State Democrats Vie for Front of Presidential Primary Line
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After Iowa’s disastrous 2020 caucuses, Democratic officials are weighing drastic changes to the 2024 calendar. States, angling for early attention, are waxing poetic. Behold, the New Jersey Turnpike!
Readers sound off on Supreme Court’s gun ruling, Christianity and Tony Siragusa
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Whitestone: I’m not optimistic, but what I and many Americans who value life over guns hope for is the eventual reversal of the Heller decision (District of Columbia vs. Heller, 2008).
How to Make Abortion Pills More Available Post-Roe
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Medication abortion isn’t a magic solution to the likely end of Roe. But it can blunt the fallout.
Great orgasms are inherited from your parents: DNA experts
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Researchers found that genetic factors played an important role, accounting for up to 60% of a woman's ability to reach the big O.
Origin of the Monkeypox Outbreak Becomes Clearer to Scientists
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Scientists Zero In on the Origins of the Monkeypox Outbreak
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Even as cases rise, genetic analysis suggests that the virus has been silently circulating in people since 2018.
Eric Greitens to Face New G.O.P. Attacks in Missouri Senate Race
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Many Republicans worry that Mr. Greitens, who has a history of personal scandals, could jeopardize what is most likely a safe G.O.P. seat. Now efforts to block him are gaining steam.
Russia Cuts Gas Flows as Europe Races to Stock Up for Winter
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The routine summer practice of filling Europe’s natural gas tanks has become a battle after Russia cut deliveries by more than half.
Happy birthday Meryl Streep: 10 of her most iconic roles
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For Meryl Streep's 73rd birthday, The Post highlights some of the legendary actress's greatest roles through her long career in film, television, and theater.
Why New Jersey won’t let you pump gas yourself
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No matter the price of gasoline, there are two states in which self-service gas pumping remains illegal.
Abortion laws by state: Searchable database
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Some states protect the right to abortion while others have laws that restrict it. This detailed database shows what's legal by state and where limits exist.
Two videos show Trump supporters’ violent threats against state officials.
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Massive heat dome to bake large parts of US this week: ‘Like a convection oven’
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Heat domes occur when the atmosphere traps hot air that becomes “stuck in a bubble."
Excessive heat grips Midwest, South on first official day of summer
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Oppressive heat will grip large parts of the US as temperatures surge to near triple digits across the Midwest and into the South on the first official day of summer.
U.S. Officials Predict Path of War in Ukraine
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As Russia makes slow but steady progress, the arrival of new weapons systems will help Ukraine hang onto territory, U.S. officials and analysts say.
FTX and other crypto firms ditch sports deals as market collapses
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Cryptocurrency companies poured billions of dollars into sports sponsorships in 2021 — but this year’s downturn has made the flood of cash dry up, The Post has learned.
Two charged in alleged University of Missouri frat party hazing that left freshman blind, unable to walk or speak
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Two University of Missouri-Columbia fraternity brothers have been indicted for allegedly supplying a freshman with vodka until he drank so much that he suffered a brain injury after days on a ventilator, leaving him unable to see, talk or walk.
‘Late Show’ Staffers Arrested at U.S. Capitol While Filming
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CBS said the group was part of a production team recording interviews at the Capitol building for a comedy segment on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.”
Universities that lie about their foreign students are putting America at risk
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A lawsuit filed against Columbia University by an employee who says she was fired for refusing to lie to the DHS has extremely significant implications for its foreign-student program’s future.
Florida Allows Doctors to Order Vaccines for Very Young Children
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Unlike the other 49 states and the District of Columbia, Florida did not allow health care providers to preorder the vaccines ahead of the federal government’s June 14 deadline.