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Two Howell men found with heroin and crack pipe in Ocean Township
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Door-to-door solicitor kills Jackson, NJ resident, cops say
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After Michael Tsamas knocked on Joseph Delgardio's door they got into an altercation in the street. Continue reading…
Two Howell, NJ men found with heroin and crack pipe at Ocean Township, NJ motor vehicle stop
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Two Howell Township men have to pencil in a day in court after being arrested at a motor vehicle stop in Ocean Township this week where they were found with Heroin among other drugs and paraphernalia. Continue reading…
Jackson Police arrest five after home burglary attack on Olena Dr
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New Jersey response too Texas shooting headline stories of week
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Jackson, NJ Police arrest five including a Lakewood, NJ man after home burglary and assault on Olena Drive
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Five men including one from Lakewood and four from Brooklyn, New York are in the Ocean County Jail following their arrests in Jackson Township for their roles in a home burglary attack on Wednesday evening. Continue reading…
Texas elementary school shooting and New Jersey response headline News stories of the week
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Here are the most impactful News stories of the week from Ocean County, Monmouth County, New Jersey, and this week -- the country. Continue reading…
Memories From This 1980 Commercial for Six Flags
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NJ beach weather and waves: Jersey Shore Report for Fri 5/2
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These Memories From This 1980 Commercial for Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ
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Six Flags has just opened every day for the summer season and you know this weekend is going to be crowded for Memorial Day Weekend. Continue reading…
10 Best Ice Cream Shops in Ocean County, NJ, Chosen By You
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Memorial Day Weekend is here. We have the "best" ice cream places at the shore. Continue reading…
You Chose The Best Rides at Six Flags
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You Chose The Best Rides This Summer at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey
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It is that time of year again when millions will head to their local Six Flags for a fun summer. We love being able to go to Six Flags Great Adventure right here in Jackson Township. Continue reading…
Safety Technology Installed In Brick Should Be At All NJ Beaches
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New technology that will warn the public when lightning or electrical currents are nearby will be installed in Brick. This should be everywhere. Continue reading…
5 Ridiculous Things Cheaper than Gas in NJ
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5 Ridiculous Things that Are Currently Cheaper than a Gallon of Gas in New Jersey
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Toms River, NJ drug dealer heads to prison for 17-years
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A Toms River Township man will head to prison after being found guilty by a jury of drug possession and distribution related offenses. Continue reading…
NASA images reveal 'Sharkcano' eruption, where sharks live near active underwater volcano
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The underwater volcano near the Solomon Islands is known for being the home of sharks and other marine life despite having acidic, warm water.
Locals Witness Ghost At Ocean City, New Jersey Restaurant
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Are you ready to be chilled to the bone all while you have a great meal? There is a place in Ocean City, New Jersey where a certain spirit never wanted to leave, maybe because the food was that good? Continue reading…
Lacey Township Which is Busier Route 9 or Lacey Road?
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So we recently talked about two roads in Lacey Township and we were debating which roadway has more traffic and is a busier commute. So I decided to take a ride and grab some photos of the two roads and see what you at home have to say about these two Ocean County roadways... Continue reading…
This is a Brand New Bar We Want To Visit in Beach Haven, LBI
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New Exciting Clam Bar Opens on Long Beach Island
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Always love talking about new local businesses that are opening here in Ocean County. We have another that's about to open just in time for summer 2022 here at the Jersey Shore. Continue reading…
5 Things Jersey Shore Residents Say Goodbye To This Weekend
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There is nothing more fun than a Jersey Shore summer, but there are some things we don't love. Here's a list of things Jersey Shore residents don't love about summer. Continue reading…
7 Awesome and Fun Ride Piers in New Jersey Your Kids Will Love
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We already know we live in the most beautiful place, right along the beautiful beaches of the Jersey Shore. We have the "best" ride piers at our boardwalks in the world, in my opinion. Continue reading…
New Jersey’s Absolute Best Shore Breakfast Spots This Holiday Weekend
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We have a list of some great breakfast spots at the Jersey Shore that you don't want to miss this holiday weekend. Continue reading…