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Last Salem, MA, ‘Witch’ Finally Pardoned 329 Years Later Thanks to 8th Grade Civics Class
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22-year-old Elizabeth was convicted of witchcraft in 1693. 328 years later, in 2021, an 8th grade civics class from North Andover found out she was never officially pardoned, and decided to do something about it. Continue reading…
From Clothes to Tarot Cards: The Groovy Witch Opens in New Dover, NH, Location
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Ever heard of a place where you can shop for cute clothes and have a tarot card reading all in one visit? Maybe such a business already exists in New England's Halloween central, aka Salem, Massachusetts, but did you know that there's one right in Dover, New Hampshire? Continue reading…
‘Amuck Amuck Amuck': Hocus Pocus 2 Release Date Announced
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Disney announces Fall release date for Hocus Pocus 2. Continue reading…
Satanic Temple Flag Could Fly in Boston if New Hampshire Clan Can
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The Satanic Temple based in Massachusetts is now fighting for its rights to fly a flag just as a New Hampshire Christian group did after the United States Supreme Court ruled that Boston should have allowed the Christian flag to fly at city hall plaza. Continue reading…
Opening Day for 2022 Announced for Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH
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It is starting to really feel like summer, and Canobie Lake Park has announced their hours for the 2022 Season. Continue reading…
Worst Tourist Traps in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts?
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Let's see if you agree. However, here's a warning: these can be personal to some of us who grew up visiting these sites adding that emotional element, or for others just something we're proud of, so don't shoot the messenger (that's me). It's okay to be protective, don't you think? Continue reading…