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From the farm: It’s time to shear the highlanders
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Red, a 10-year-old Scottish Highlander steer, had a thick coat of hair that had protected him from the cold all winter. But now, with temperatures soon reaching 90 degrees, it was time to shave it all off.Some Highlanders, like Ferdinand the bull and Kavi, the cow, shed their winter coats without he...
N.H. lawmakers close in on $25 million for PFAS remediation and new regulations
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Of the nine bills this session that aimed to address PFAS contamination in the state, three are still in play.
On the trail: Dems attack after Sununu says ‘I’ve done more on the pro-life issue, if you will, than anyone’
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It didn’t take long for comments from Republican Gov. Chris Sununu this week highlighting the 24-week abortion ban in the state budget he signed into law to elicit a chorus of criticism from New Hampshire and national Democrats.Just days after Sununu – in the wake of an unprecedented leak of a U.S....
In Loudon, a chance to connect the past with the present for a better future
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For seven hours on Saturday, the Sanborn Mills Farm in Loudon will blend the past with the present, hoping to create a better future.Colin Cabot and his wife, Paula Dewey, have owned the farm for more than 25 years. Their vision for the property, right from the very start, has never changed and will...
Opinion: How to save our syrup
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Dan Weeks works on climate solutions at ReVision Energy, an employee-owned Benefit Corporation. He lives in Nashua with his wife and kids. Since before my children can remember, our family has engaged in a certain springtime ritual as authentic as New Hampshire, and older still.Sometime after Valent...
From the farm: The cultivation of young farmers
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‘What kind of insurance will cover goats trained to drive a car?” asked Willow, one of my three sustainable-agriculture students from New Hampshire Technical Institute.“Why do you ask?” replied Mike Bertolone, owner of Farm Family Insurance.Willow was working on an outreach program for adults and ch...
From the farm: Another birth and I’m running out of names
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‘That dark cow is acting strange. While I was watching, the cow stood up, circled then lay down again. Three times! She can’t seem to get comfortable,” said Kathy, who had taken a break from cleaning our Airbnb apartment to look at the new white calf I had just bought when she noticed the cow’s rest...
Council unanimously puts freeze on housing plan
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The future of a proposal to inject $100 million in federal money into New Hampshire’s housing rental market is unclear after the New Hampshire Executive Council tabled Gov. Chris Sununu’s plan.In a 5-0 vote last Wednesday, the Executive Council voted to hold off on approving the plan, which Sununu...
Donations for disasters
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An assembly of 50 disaster relief buckets and 150 grooming kits was successfully completed at First United Methodist Church – Gilford because of the generous donation of material and money within the Gilford and Laconia community. The completed clean-up buckets will help those facing floods, hurrica...
Robotics competition
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The John Stark-Hopkinton Oz-Ram robotics team made it to the quarter-finals of the F.I.R.S.T. Greater Boston NE District Event in March in Revere, Mass. They were chosen as a first-round team alliance after ranking 16th overall from a field of 37. Completing their second district event, they took ho...
Announcements for April 26, 2022
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Hummingbird talk Join New Hampshire Audubon on April 27 at 7 p.m., with the live virtual program “Hummingbirds are Energy Ninjas, Day and Night,” featuring Anusha Shankar, a Rose Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and a National Geographic Explorer and Young Leader who has been...
Opinion: Why disruption in education is essential
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Jim Peschke of Croydon is a former member of the Croydon School Board. Every year, small towns across New Hampshire grapple with ways to keep their budgets in check. This usually entails minor adjustments and revisions that tighten up spending, but don’t dramatically alter the character of town or...
Letter: U.S. fueling humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen
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The U.S. is providing arms to help Ukrainians defend themselves against Russian aggression. The U.S. is also selling arms to enable Saudi Arabia to wage a war of aggression in Yemen. The former has received plenty of attention, the latter not so much. According to the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction...
Letter: What are you going to do about it, governor?
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Carl Ladd’s My Turn (Monitor, 4/23) “Change is hard, disruption is easy,” says it all. Thank you, Carl, for your presentation of facts that point to the neglect of the current Commissioner of Education, Frank Edelblut.There is only one additional thing to say: When is Governor Sununu going to do som...
Letter: Edelblut should resign
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Frank Edelblut was unqualified and unprepared to be the NH commissioner of education when he was nominated in 2017 and remains unqualified today. I am writing this letter to request that Commissioner Edelblut resign his position or that Gov. Sununu request his resignation immediately. Here are my pr...
Letter: Youth Risk Behavior Survey education gap
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I am familiar with the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS), as both a parent and certified health education specialist. It was developed in 1990, by the CDC, to monitor health behaviors in our nation’s youth. No one doubts that it serves as an amazing and effective tool to measure health risks and beh...
Letter: Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices
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The U.S. Senate is considering legislation allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies. Sens. Hassan and Shaheen support this legislation and should be encouraged to continue to work for this bill. The U.S. pays about twice as much for health care and our drugs cost three times as much as the...
Boys’ Track: Conant 135, Hinsdale 55, Mascenic 44, Wilton-Lydeborough 12, Hillsboro-Deering 7, Derryfield 6
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Boys’ TrackConant 135, Hinsdale 55, Mascenic 44, Wilton-Lydeborough 12, Hillsboro-Deering 7, Derryfield 6Key players: H-D – Brady Curley (3rd 100), Greg Leblanc (8th 1,600)Highlights: The Hillcats competed in a Conant Mini-Meet Series event, a modified track meet with seven events.
Girls’ Track: Conant 87, Mascenic 47, Hinsdale 36, Wilton-Lyndeborough 25.5, Derryfield 25, Hillsboro-Deering 8.5
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Girls’ TrackConant 87, Mascenic 47, Hinsdale 36, Wilton-Lyndeborough 25.5, Derryfield 25, Hillsboro-Deering 8.5Key players: H-D – Alejandra Whisman (tied 3rd long jump, 7th 100), Chelsea McLemore (8th 100)Highlights: The Hillcats competed in a six-team meet at the Conant Mini-Meet Series, featuring...
Baseball: Coe-Brown 4, John Stark 2, 5 inn.
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BaseballCoe-Brown 4, John Stark 2, 5 inn.Key players: John Stark – Noah Brent (hit), Joey Dykstra (hit), Nate Innerfield (hit), Anthony Paolicelli (hit)Highlights: The Bears took advantage of eight walks by the Generals’ pitching staff to hand John Stark its first loss of the season. The was was cal...
Arts and entertainment quick picks for April 27, 2022
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Leonid and FriendsWhat: In just three short years, Moscow-based Leonid and Friends have blown the minds of legions of fans with their uncanny ability to capture the spirit, musicality and fire of American supergroup Chicago. Leonid Vorobyev’s goal was a studio project in dedication to Chicago unde...
House committee recommends more study on license reciprocity for foreign workers
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A proposal to create driver license reciprocity for foreign agricultural workers looks unlikely to pass the House this session, after a House committee voted against moving the bill forward. Instead, committee members said the bill needs additional study.Senate Bill 308 would have granted license re...
Bill requiring personal finance, sexual violence prevention instruction in public schools advances
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A bill to require personal finance literacy and sexual violence prevention instruction in New Hampshire schools is closer to becoming law after passing the Senate unanimously last week. House Bill 1263 would require district school boards to create curricula that includes “personal finance literacy...
Softball: Pembroke powers past Kennett with balanced play, consistency
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Eliza Carnigan stood in the circle with her glove above her left knee, her right arm extended forward and a cool glare on her face.Pembroke’s junior pitcher already had two outs on the scoreboard in the top of the fifth, and with one more to go, she seemingly had the ball on a string as the pitch sh...
Celtics won’t Fear the Deer, or any team after sweeping Nets
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NEW YORK — Even as they rolled through the second half of their schedule, the Boston Celtics knew there was a notion they should lose.Tanking a game down the stretch and falling out of the No. 2 seed would have meant avoiding a playoff series with Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets, who were conside...