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Jury finds Armando Barron guilty in murder of Keene resident Jonathan Amerault
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A Cheshire County jury Thursday found Armando Barron of Jaffrey guilty of all charges, including first-degree murder, related to the September 2020 killing of Jonathan Amerault, 25, of Keene.
Celebrity birthdays for May 26
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Horoscope for May 27
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Dear Abby for May 26
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Pessimism abounds as Senate confronts another tragic mass shooting
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WASHINGTON — Members of the Senate confronted another gut-wrenching mass shooting with a distinct sense of fatalism Wednesday, with most Republicans standing firm in defense of expansive gun rights as Democrats said they were desperate to pursue even meager attempts…
‘Enough!’ Biden, decrying mass shootings and excessive force, signs executive order on policing
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WASHINGTON — President Biden on Wednesday marked the second anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by a Minneapolis police officer by signing an executive order aimed at reforming policing at the federal level. But the event was overshadowed by yet another…
Hospital fire kills 11 infants in Senegal as outrage builds over neglect
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DAKAR, Senegal — At least 11 newborn babies have died after a fire blazed through a public hospital’s neonatal unit in Senegal, the president of the West African nation said Thursday.
Davos elite reassess globalization amid turmoil of pandemic and war
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DAVOS, Switzerland — For more than half a century, the world’s richest and most powerful have decamped to this glitzy ski town where they have mostly been able to agree on one thing: that globalization is good — for countries,…
Taliban morality police tighten their grip on Afghan women
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KABUL, Afghanistan — As Abdullah Obeid and his team boarded a bus in central Kabul, female passengers lowered their gaze and hurriedly adjusted headscarves to cover their faces. Obeid, a member of the Taliban’s morality police, was leading a patrol…
Court puts Jan. 6 committee's access to RNC records on hold
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A panel of three federal appeals court judges has temporarily stopped the House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack from accessing records it has demanded of the mass email marketing vendor used by the Republican National Committee and Donald…
COVID, mail room failures hindered FDA's formula response, commissioner says
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WASHINGTON — In a multi-hour hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, lawmakers hammered Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf about long-standing problems with food safety operations that critics say contributed to a nationwide shortage of baby formula that has…
Gary Wayne Clark
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Ask different people about Gary Wayne Clark and you get many versions of the man.
Turkey has detained Islamic State's new leader, officials say
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Senior Turkish officials said Islamic State’s new leader has been captured in a recent raid in Istanbul.
NOAA predicts above-average 2022 hurricane season, with up to 21 named storms
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Expect an active hurricane season in 2022. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration is forecasting between 14 and 21 named storms, six to 10 hurricanes, and three to six major hurricanes in its 2022 Atlantic hurricane…
High inflation will persist into next year, CBO projects
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High inflation is expected to persist for the rest of the year, saddling Americans with higher costs as price hikes continue, the Congressional Budget Office said on Wednesday.
Uvalde grieves after school rampage while new details emerge about attack
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UVALDE, Texas — The gunman who opened fire at an elementary school here shared his intentions to carry out an attack in private social media messages shortly before slaughtering at least 19 children and two adults, officials said Wednesday.
N.H. House defeats "parental bill of rights"
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The N.H. House narrowly defeated a so-called "parental bill of rights," on Thursday amid civil rights concerns from the Attorney General’s Office and opposition from educators, social workers and health associations.
Fire Mutual Aid log, May 26, 2022
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Dispatchers at Southwestern N.H. District Fire Mutual Aid in Keene handled requests for medical aid and fire calls Wednesday, May 25, including:
DES poised to get $30,000 to address cyanobacteria
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Fueled by climate change, the state’s cyanobacteria problem has been worsening in recent years — making some rivers and lakes potentially harmful to human health.
Intimidation at the polls and what it means for elections in the future
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When Zib Corell decided to run for supervisor of the checklist in Concord, it wasn’t a hard decision. She had seen her mom work the polls as a child, and she was eager to fulfill her civic duty in turn.…
You need to accept the whole Constitution, by Steve Zielonko
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On the dashboard of my International, inside an old SlimJim box duct-taped in place behind pens and a small metal tool for tire chains, resides a tattered copy of the constitution.
We've witnessed great replacement in action, by Leo Sandy
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The “Great Replacement Theory” touted by right-wing Republicans, neo-Nazis and white supremacists is a grand myth.
There's nothing for Biden to walk back on defending Taiwan
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President Joe Biden’s remark Monday about a U.S. military response should China invade Taiwan was no gaffe and didn’t deserve to be walked back by his aides. Biden knew exactly what he was saying. He stated it three different ways…
Don't be penny-wise, pound foolish on Ukraine
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Populist critics have gone after the new $40 billion in aid to Ukraine hammer and tongs. Donald Trump has complained that we are sending billions to Ukraine “yet America’s parents are struggling to even feed their children.” Republican Sen. Josh…
Sentinel Opinion: Action on acting out; School officials are in a bind, but must find ways to protect students from each...
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Twice in the past two weeks, students at Monadnock Regional Junior/Senior High School have taken time out of their day to protest bullying, racism and other boorish, harmful behaviors on the part of their classmates. One organizer of the demonstrations…