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Police Search For Missing Deaf Woman Suspected To Be Heading To Burke County From Charlotte
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Detectives are asking for public's help in locating missing 67-year-old Frances Collett Apperson.
Mecklenburg County Mugshots May 25th
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Check out the Mecklenburg County Mugshots from Wednesday, May 25th.
Home values in opportunity zone redevelopment areas keep pace
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ATTOM has released its first-quarter 2022 report analyzing qualified low-income Opportunity Zones targeted by Congress for economic redevelopment in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (see full methodology below). In this report, ATTOM looked at 5,092 zones around the United States with sufficient data to analyze, meaning they had at least five home...
CMS advocates petition Mecklenburg County for additional funding
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North Carolina Leaders Speak Out After Tragic Texas School Shooting
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CMS is offering support to students, CMPD is increasing its police presence and leaders across North Carolina are speaking out after the tragic shooting that occurred at a Texas elementary school Tuesday.
CMS advocates to petition Mecklenburg County for additional funding
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Crescent Communities and Pretium announce second HARMON build-to-rent community
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Crescent Communities and Pretium have announced the closing of land for the development of HARMON Five Points, the fourth build-to-rent (BTR) community under development, and second community in Charlotte, as part of their previously announced joint venture and commitment to invest $1 billion in new single-family build-to-rent communities across...
CityLYNX Gold Line wins NCDOT Mobi Award
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The CityLYNX Gold Line streetcar has won a North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Mobi Award in the Large Urban and Innovation category. The Mobi Award recognizes multimodal projects that play a crucial role in creating and connecting vibrant communities across the state. Multimodal projects must incorporate at least two modes of...
Nonresidential and multifamily construction spending slump in March
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Spending on most categories of nonresidential and multifamily construction declined from February to March as contractors struggled to find enough workers and get timely deliveries of materials, according to an analysis the Associated General Contractors of America released today regarding federal spending data. Association leaders urged Washington...
Herring named Senior Inspections Manager for Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement
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Andrew S. Herring has been named senior inspections manager for Mecklenburg County Code Enforcement. In this role, he oversees more than 100 full-time N.C.-certified code officials and additional staff responsible for performing field inspections on new and existing construction in Mecklenburg County. In addition, he supervises the Mecklenburg...
ENNICO: Seeking an entrepreneurial solution to a smelly problem
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   For the past several years, I have taught an MBA-level online class on entrepreneurship and small business management for a local university.         Rather than give students a traditional final exam with multiple choice and true/false questions, I adopt a “Zen exam” approach. Each question is a real-world entrepreneurial...
NOVAK: ‘Your Puppy or Your Job’ Is Not the Answer
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Q: I wasn’t allowed a dog in my childhood, so as soon as I found a job and moved out, I got one. I didn’t know anything about taking care of a dog, but I wanted one for so long that I felt I had to. I took off a couple of personal days to ... The post NOVAK: ‘Your Puppy or Your Job’ Is Not the Answer   first appeared on Mecklenburg Times:...
Gaston Co. Board Of Commissioners Approves Property Tax Cut
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The Gaston County Board of Commissioners approved a two-cent decrease to the property tax rate in a 5 to 2 vote on Tuesday.
Longtime Mecklenburg County Commissioner Ella Scarborough Dies At 75
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Longtime Mecklenburg County Commissioner Ella Scarborough has died at the age of 75, her family announced Tuesday.
Mecklenburg County Mugshots May 24th
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Check out the Mecklenburg County Mugshots from Tuesday, May 24th.
CMPD increases police presence at elementary schools following Texas tragedy
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CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings said CMPD will increase patrols near elementary schools in light of the mass shooting that killed 21 people at a school in Uvalde, Texas.
CMS advocates will start petitioning Mecklenburg County for additional funding
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The district is poised to get less than half of the additional money it requested from the county government.
Mecklenburg County Commissioner Ella Scarborough has died, family confirms
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Scarborough was first elected to serve on the Mecklenburg County Commission in 2014.
Mecklenburg County inmate released from jail by mistake has been returned to custody, officials confirm
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Quay Davis was erroneously released from the Mecklenburg County jail on May 9. The sheriff's office became aware of the mistake on May 13.
Mostly Cloudy Skies Hang Tight
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Discussion: A cold front will cross the region Thursday evening bringing numerous showers with possible storms mainly late Thursday into the first half of Friday. Behind this front we will dry out with a ridge of high pressure building in for the weekend. Forecast: Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Low: 60. Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Isolated showers are...
NWS Finds EF-1 Tornado Damage in Mecklenburg & Cabarrus Counties
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Charlotte Man Celebrates $100,000 Lottery Win
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William Mitchell of Charlotte tried his luck on a $20 scratch-off ticket and won a $100,000 prize.
How you can prevent catalytic converter theft for free
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The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office has teamed with repair shops in the area to give customers a free service that will help prevent catalytic converter theft.
Mecklenburg County Mugshots May 23rd
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Check out the Mecklenburg County Mugshots from Monday, May 23rd.
2 people hurt after shooting at Gastonia business, suspect arrested
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Detectives learned the suspect was fired from the business where the shooting happened, according to the Gastonia Police Department.