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Why the Deshaun Watson legal drama might be far from over despite settlements
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Of the four remaining lawsuits against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, one might be the strongest of them all.
Browns QB Deshaun Watson settles all but four of 24 lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct
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The settlements end the women's litigation against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson nearly 15 months after most were filed in 2021.
What to know about birth control as Americans await Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade
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Some experts worry abortion bans could trickle down to restrict the use of emergency contraception and birth control if Roe is overturned.
A flawed Warriors team won the NBA title. Here's what that means for the rest of the league | Opinion
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As the NBA enters into a period where teams as flawed as the Warriors can win a title, experience might be the greatest separator.
My dad taught me every problem has a solution. Then he got sick and I needed those lessons to learn how to help.
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When my father fell ill with a movement disorder, I leaned on the lessons I'd learned from him growing up. I soon realized he wasn't done teaching.
Browns embattled QB Deshaun Watson breaks silence, says he 'never assaulted anyone'
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Speaking to the media for the first time since late March, Browns QB Deshaun Watson talks about "triggering" people as he maintains his innocence.
'This is the towel I'm gonna use': Deshaun Watson and the towel evidence in lawsuits
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Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson liked the 'least draping possible' during massages and sometimes brought his own towel, which is unusual
Cleveland Browns will excuse quarterback Baker Mayfield from mandatory minicamp
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Baker Mayfield and the team have been at odds since the Browns acquired Deshaun Watson in March. The team has been trying to trade Mayfield.
Why NBA teams 'hunt' matchups: Breaking down key aspect of Celtics-Warriors NBA Finals
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While taking advantage of mismatches has always been a part of basketball, matchup "hunting" has grown in recent seasons.
Deshaun Watson hit by 24th lawsuit from another woman accusing him of sexual misconduct
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A 24th lawsuit has been filed in Texas against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, the second lawsuit of the week.
Deshaun Watson's attorney explains his remarks about 'happy endings' in massages
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The attorney for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson caused a stir with remarks he made on Houston radio Friday about massages.
If Warriors can't beat Celtics in NBA Finals, they'll be haunted by Kevin Durant's ghost | Opinion
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With Kevin Durant, Golden State won two of its three titles. Without him, it blew 3-1 series lead to Cleveland in 2016 and lost to Toronto in 2019.
LeBron James is officially a billionaire, according to Forbes
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LeBron James has earned the title of billionaire, according to Forbes. James is the first active NBA player to hit the milestone.
Browns QB Deshaun Watson sued again; 23rd lawsuit alleges sexual misconduct
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Another woman has accused Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct during massages. It's the first lawsuit against him since 22 others were filed in 2021.