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Memorial Day Closings/Pool Openings
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The Daily Journal office will be closed Monday for the holiday. Due to the Post Office being closed, the newspaper will be delivered with the Tuesday newspaper on Tuesday.
Officers take part in Special Olympics Torch Run
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On Wednesday morning, law enforcement officers took turns running in the Special Olympics Torch Run along US 67 in St. Francois County from the Madison County line to the Jefferson County line.
Carver holds his last DARE graduations
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Last week, Deputy Gary Carver of the St. Francois County Sheriff's Department handed out DARE certificates to his final group of graduating students as his decades-long career has come to an end.
Carver has learned many life lessons as DARE teacher
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He’s somewhat of a local celebrity and often recognized around the county. Kids run up to hug him. Parents tell him what a difference he’s made.
Florida bills limit roof refusal by insurers, add new fund
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Legislation proposed by Florida lawmakers for a special session in the upcoming week to reform the state’s property insurance market would create a $2 billion reinsurance fund for insurers to get insurance that insulates them from risk. Four bills filed…
AP News Summary at 2:48 a.m. EDT
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MAC holds 98th commencement for 2022 graduates
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The 98th Mineral Area College Commencement saw about 220 students awarded associate degrees before a full house of family, friends, MAC administrators and instructors, as well as alumni and current students who gathered on a sunny Saturday morning in the…
Sprucing up town
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In its fourth year, Team Up to Clean Up recently came out bigger than ever to spruce up Fredericktown.
Fred Ward, 'The Right Stuff' and 'Tremors' actor, dies at 79
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Fred Ward, a veteran actor known for his work in "The Right Stuff," "Tremors" and many other films, died May 8 at age 79, according to his publicist.
SFCHC urges parents not to use homemade formula
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In light of formula shortages, the St. Francois County Health Center's (SFCHC) WIC Facebook page put out a notice on April 30 urging parents not to use homemade formula or unpasteurized and or untested breast milk for infants and children.
Hot off the Wire: Listen to today's top stories
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Get caught up with our daily podcast recapping top news, including: Support for Ukraine, gas prices rising and 'Doctor Strange' leads the box office.
Some offices closed Monday, Truman Day
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On Monday, many state and county offices will be closed to observe Truman Day, which falls on or around President Harry S. Truman's birthday, May 8, every year.
‘My son was lit on fire’: Connecticut boy burned in bullying attack, mom says
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A 6-year-old boy's mom says he was left badly burned after a bully soaked a ball in gas, lit it on fire and hurled it at him. Police are investigating.