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Organizers begin ramping up for Parade of Bands June 13
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Litchfield’s Parade of Bands will return again this summer.
LOOKING BACK AT LITCHFIELD: Theft of slots carried penalty for thieves and owner
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1939: Walter McHugh sold his restaurant at 29 Depot St. E. to Frank Trappani in May 1939. Trappani’s beer license was taken away in July 1939 for selling to minors, and the FBI and the Secret Service also investigated him.…
USDA program offers assistance for irrigation upgrades
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The first sign-up for cost-share for irrigation system upgrades and associated practices is now available to producers in 19 Minnesota counties, including Meeker. This cost-share is available through a Regional Conservation Partnership Program awarded by the USDA Natural Resource Conservation…
A&E Calendar: For the best in local entertainment (copy)
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LOOKING BACK AT LITCHFIELD: Steamboat began traversing Lake Ripley in 1889
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1846: Founder and owner of Litchfield’s famous Ames Brickyard, Henry Ames, was born in Oswego, New York on May 4, 1846. Builders chose his cream-colored bricks to build business blocks, schools, churches, and residences throughout Meeker County and in at…
BACK THEN: Litchfield Schools ends nursing program efforts in 1972
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A&E Calendar: For the best in local entertainment
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Litchfield City Council approves early City Hall closures on Fridays
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Litchfield City Hall offices will not be available to the public after 3 p.m. on summer Fridays. The City Council approved this change in public access during its meeting Monday evening.
Meeker County Sheriff issues no wake restrictions on Big Swan Lake
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Meeker County Sheriff Brian Cruze, in a news release Sunday, issued no wake restrictions within 500 feet of shore for Big Swan Lake in eastern Meeker County.
Thunderstorm leaves damage in its wake
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The thunderstorm that raced through Meeker County Thursday night left a trail of property damage and at least one injury.
BACK THEN: Trap culls Lake Ripley bullhead population in 1947
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Whodunit, Mr. Hall?
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Love mysteries? If so, don’t miss the presentation: “After the Winter: 6 Mysteries to Solve with Arthur Norby” at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 18, at the Litchfield Public Library Meeting Room. The library’s Mystery Book Club is hosting the event.
A&E Calendar: For the best in local entertainment
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Meeker County deputy receives D.A.R.E. certification
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Meeker County Sheriff's Deputy Samuel Swisher was among 16 officers from Minnesota and Wisconsin to receive Minnesota D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) certification recently. The 50th class trained in Minnesota recently completed two weeks of training conducted by D.A.R.E. America…
Filing for Meeker County offices opens May 17
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Cemetery mischief of the equestrian variety in 1972
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LETTER: Public health concerns should be part of Wellness Center effort
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The proposed Litchfield Wellness Center will be a substantial taxpayer funded investment that has the potential to be a tremendous asset to not only the city of Litchfield, Litchfield Public Schools system, but also Meeker County and our region.
A&E Calendar: For the best in local entertainment
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Sparking interest in electric vehicles, and chocolate
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What do chocolate and electric vehicles have in common? Nothing other than the two are partnering for the Meeker Cooperative Electric Vehicle Experience during the Litchfield Downtown Council’s Spring Chocolate Festival 5-7 p.m. Thursday, May 12, at Central Park in…
EDA highlights labor shortage, downtown growth
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Talent development and Main Street revitalization were the key themes of Economic Development Authority Director Miles Seppelt's annual report to Hutchinson City Council last week.
Hutchinson City Council: How they voted
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Members of the Hutchinson City Council made the following decisions at their April 26 meeting:
New broadband option requires utility work in Litchfield
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Litchfield residents will soon have another broadband Internet access option. Meeker Cooperative is in the process of installing fiber optic cable throughout the city. Work began in the northeast quadrant late last month and is expected to continue through September.
Vibrant Broadband set to expand internet service to city of Litchfield
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Meeker Cooperative Light and Power began working on an internet solution for its rural members about six years ago, and eventually launched its Vibrant Broadband service in 2019.
Farms combat bird flu
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When the avian flu hit Minnesota farms in 2015 it was the worst outbreak of the disease farmers had ever seen. The danger for farms and wild birds seems worse now.
Farms combat bird flu
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When the avian flu hit Minnesota farms in 2015 it was the worst outbreak of the disease farmers had ever seen. The danger for farms and wild birds seems worse now.