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Gladwin County Captains claim trophy
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Miss Beaverton Pageant at BAC this weekend
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The 2022 Miss Beaverton Pageant will take place this Saturday, June 25 at the Beaverton Activity Center (BAC). The event will start at 7 p.m., and the doors will open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets will be available for purchase at…
Artist Guild names Lora Perkins Artist of the Month
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Notice and befriend
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I am heart sick. Not long ago, eighteen-year-old Salvador Ramos shot and killed nineteen children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Salvador Ramos was then shot and killed, making it twenty children who died. Some people…
"Hot and humid!"
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As I settled into my “Comfy Chair,” I was a bit frustrated because I could not use one of my dozens of comfy blankets. I have one for almost every holiday and time of year. I don’t have one on…
Gladwin student graduates from SVSU medical laboratory science program
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Beaverton awarded with $40,000 Neighborhood Enhancement grant
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Gateway Band to play patriotic concert this Saturday
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Vehicle donation pays for over 125 senior meals
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Ten16 Recovery Network to host summer events
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Buckeye Trailhead nears completion
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Evart squeaks by Beaverton in the Regional Championship game
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Beaverton falls to Standish in the Regional Semi-finals
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Road commission projects for 2022
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Beaverton Marine receives a Quilt of Valor
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Community band receives a warm welcome
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CMDHD to conduct summer beach monitoring
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Flynn Lumber’s Do It Best sweepstakes has grand finale
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LifeSMILES introduces new dentist, Dr. Finn
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Woodspell Apothecary to open in downtown Gladwin
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"Inflation nation!"
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I was enjoying a nice mid-morning nap in my “Comfy Chair,” I was jolted awake when I remembered that I needed to go to town to fill up my car. Finally, fully awake, I petted the dogs, stood up, and…
Study as a prayer
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The Benedictines have a special way of study that we all could put into daily practice. Every monk was expected to spend part of his day in study. Not only did they spend time reading the scriptures, but they are…
"Better to be ticked on than ticked off!"
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I woke up from a delightful nap in my “Comfy Chair,” and it was almost 10 p.m. I often fall asleep watching one of the zillion shows on my streaming services.
Kiwanis gets an update on Gladwin County Baby Pantry
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Coffey earns three medals at the Division 3 State Finals
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