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On social media, people are drinking a gallon a day. How much water do you really need?
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TikTok and social media abound with trends surrounding adequate hydration and hacks on how to achieve it. How much water do you actually need per day?
Today in History for June 16th
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Highlights of this day in history: Abraham Lincoln says America cannot remain divided over slavery; Valentina Tereshkova becomes the first woman in space; Deadly Soweto riots erupt in South Africa; Ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev defects. (June 16)
2021 Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator customers sue over unfixed fire risk
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2021 Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator owners from Florida, North Carolina and New York have sued, saying Ford didn't disclose a defect.
Missing boy found safe in Montana after being outdoors on his own for two days
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Missing 4-year-old boy found safe in Montana after being outdoors on his own for two days
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The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said the child was last seen playing with the family dog outside his home in Montana.
Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz have largest vehicle recalls this week
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Find out if your vehicle has been recalled this week, or visit the USA TODAY database for a deeper search.
Does TikTok's 'pomegranate pump' actually work? The answer may surprise you.
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Does pomegranate give you a muscle pump? We investigated the viral TikTok claim and explained the science.