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Florist gears up for busy season
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Along with floral arrangements, customers can find gifts, such as candles and lobster trap planters.
The last dance: Sumner alums to show “Tiger pride” final time before gym demo
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Tickets for the event are available by calling the Sumner office. As the month of April came to a close, Sumner Principal JT Green said about 100 people had signed up, with calls and emails coming in every day leading up to the big night.
Trenton group works to get wells tested for PFAS
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If approved and residents can test their water for free, PFT will refer any residents whose wells show unsafe levels of the chemicals to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), where free remediation efforts are available, Heiniger said.
Trenton students to hold art show
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“It was wonderful to see our students immersed in art for two full weeks! Students were able to collaborate with peers and learn from local artists,” DaGraca said. “We are so grateful for all of the local artists who took the time to work with us.
Sale of shuttered trash plant on track for June
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The future of the facility, which used new Fiberight-developed technology when it opened in mid-2019, has been uncertain after the previous owner, Coastal Resources of Maine, ran into financing issues and closed the plant down in May 2020.