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Memories of Mom
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Dear Editor: It’s that time of year again. May is the maternal month with all the life returning to Downeast. I found it a challenge to squeeze the 86 years (1917-2003) of my mother’s (Frances B. Wood) life into just 350 words. Thank you. The first word I learned how to spell was NOW. At ...
American Aquafarms buys Maine Fair Trade facility
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GOULDSBORO – East Coast Seafood Group’s Chief Executive Officer, William Blais, confirmed late Friday that the company had sold to American Aquafarms its Maine Fair Trade Lobster property in the Gouldsboro village of Prospect Harbor. “Real estate deal closed today,” Blais reported in an April 29 email. In a prior email, he noted “MFTL...
Dead in the water?
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American Aquafarms’ proposal to raise up to 66 million pounds of salmon annually in the shadow of Acadia National Park certainly made a splash. It remains to be seen whether the developers’ vision is buoyant enough for the project to resurface here or elsewhere in Maine. The state departments of Marine Resources and Environmental Protection ...
American Aquafarms set to buy Maine Fair Trade facility
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Massachusetts-based East Coast Seafood Group expects to complete its sale Friday, April 29, of the Maine Fair Trade Lobster complex to American Aquafarms.