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What Ever Happened to Westbrook’s Mammoth 10 Foot Wessie the Snake?
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Do you remember Wessie? For a while there he was the talk of the town! Continue reading…
Maine’s First Indoor Farm Will Produce Year-Round Growth in Heart of Westbrook
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This is the type of development we need in Maine, one with positive outcomes for all. Continue reading…
Cell Phones May Soon Be Banned For Students at Westbrook Middle School
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Where is the Line Between ‘Inland’ and ‘Coastal’ for Weather Forecasts in Maine?
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Where's the 'Inland' and 'Coastal' Line for Weather in Maine?
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When it comes to weather forecasting in Maine, where is the hypothetical line where 'inland' ends and 'coastal' begins? Continue reading…
Cell Phones May Soon Be Banned For Students at Westbrook Middle S
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The Westbrook School Policy Committee recommended banning cell phones for students in 7th and 8th grade. Continue reading…
Just Having the Right Name Could Score You a Free Firehouse Sub at One of Maine’s 6 Locations
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This promotion from Firehouse Subs is brilliant. Anyone could find themselves being the lucky recipient of a free sub. Continue reading…
Iconic Maine Drive-In Theater Sets Official Re-Opening Date
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The theater has been a staple of life in Central Maine for decades Continue reading…
An Incredible Cafe in Westbrook, Maine Welcomes You With a Library As Soon As You Walk Through the Door
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The First F45 Training in Maine is Opening Soon in Westbrook
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F45 is the fastest-growing gym in the country and a location is finally opening here in Maine. Continue reading…
Philly Cheesesteak Restaurant Opening in Westbrook This Summer
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The popular cheesesteak shop Richie Ribeye is set to open a new location on Main Street in Westbrook later this summer Continue reading…