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Sumner up for Lennon songwriting award
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WINCHESTER - A local songwriter might just win $20,000, if Bob Weir, Flea and Sheila E. have anything to say about it.
Channel 5’s Mike Lynch expected to make full recovery after suffering stroke
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Longtime Channel 5 sports anchor Mike Lynch suffered a stroke Tuesday night while out for a walk with his wife, Mary Ellen, near their Winchester home. He is expected to […] The post Channel 5’s Mike Lynch expected to make full recovery after suffering stroke appeared first on
COVID numbers on the rise again
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WINCHESTER - Don’t look now, but COVID numbers are on the rise again in Winchester. After dropping all the way down to 39 cases in late January (following the December-January surge thanks to the omicron and delta variants), the COVID…
Town, Civico finalizing Land Development Agreement for Waterfield lot
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WINCHESTER - With a special Town Meeting set for Monday, June 6, the Select Board “substantially” completed the Land Development Agreement (LDA) with Civico for the Waterfield lot parcel located next to the Winchester Center Commuter Rail Station. Chair Rich…
Town Meeting passes remaining articles
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WINCHESTER - With spring Town Meeting business closed, here are the remaining articles members passed.
Town Meeting passes Personnel Board article
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WINCHESTER - Town Meeting members decisively passed Article 29, to act on a report from the Personnel Board. This included 10 motions that would change/reclassify some positions and fund those changes and others.
Town Meeting passes article to improve Parkhurst for use as swing space
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WINCHESTER - With Article 26 failing, Town Meeting had to pass Article 27, making improvements to the Parkhurst School, in order to ensure swing space for Lynch students during demolition of the current Lynch School and construction of the new…
Town Meeting rejects article to repair Carriage House
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WINCHESTER - Town Meeting overwhelmingly rejected Article 26, to spend $5.9M to repair the Carriage House (located on the Ambrose School campus) for use as the new home of the school department’s central office. This means, school administrators will remain…
Town Meeting approves sports court for Mystic School
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WINCHESTER - Town Meeting wrapped up its business last night by debating the remaining six articles on the warrant. One of those, Article 18, dealt with appropriating $200,000 from Free Cash for a multi-purpose sports court at the Mystic School.…
Town Meeting passes Capital Planning articles
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WINCHESTER - Town Meeting passed all of the Capital Planning Committee’s articles, which included money for the South Reservoir Dam, lead neck replacement and the Main Street bridge railing.
Town Meeting approves water & sewer increase
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WINCHESTER - Once again, Town Meeting passed an article to increase water & sewer rates, this time by 3.5 percent. Town Meeting passed increases in the past (three percent last year and 12 percent two years ago) after going manny…
Town Meeting passes $142.5M budget
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WINCHESTER - Town Meeting passed a $142.5M budget for FY23 during night three with nearly one-third taken up by the school department.
Town Meeting hears about the state of the town
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WINCHESTER - During Town Meeting, members heard reports from various boards and committees including the Select Board, School Committee, Board of Health, and Finance Committee, among others. (The FinCom report was actually delayed until night two.)
Town Meeting passes FY22 budget articles
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WINCHESTER - During night two of Town Meeting, members passed three articles relating to the FY22 budget. No FY23 budget articles can be taken up until May 1, but Town Moderator Heather von Mering said town counsel gave the OK…
Retiree Health Insurance Advisory Committee made permanent
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WINCHESTER - Once again, members of the Finance Committee overwhelmingly recommended unfavorable action against an article at Town Meeting that members supported.
Wellfield land transferred to school department
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WINCHESTER - Town Meeting unanimously approved the transfer of four acres of land on the Lynch School site from the town to the school department.
Town Meeting approves employee healthcare fund
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WINCHESTER - Due to the ever increasing costs of health care, Town Meeting passed Article 5, to create an Employee Healthcare and Health Insurance Stabilization Fund.
Select Board discusses downtown initiative action plan
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WINCHESTER - Select Board Chair Rich Mucci outlined a draft for a downtown initiative action plan to make improvements to the Quill Rotary, Main Street, Thompson Street, and Thompson Plaza, all in an effort to bring more people to the…