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RAAC to entertain more spending requests on Tuesday night
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READING - This Tuesday the Reading ARPA Advisory Committee (RAAC) will meet to hear a number of presentations on possible uses for the town’s American Rescue Plan Act funds. Among the items being discussed is a time-sensitive request for $900,000…
A Senior Profile: Margaux Gellot
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To the Reading community, Margaux Gellot is a determined, hardworking, and independent person. In her previous years, she attended Wood End Elementary School, Coolidge Middle School, and then Reading Memorial High School.
A Senior Profile: Josie Feltus
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Josie Feltus is an honest, determined, and kind Senior at Reading Memorial High School. Josie grew up in Reading and attended Killam Elementary School, Joshua Eaton Elementary School, and Parker Middle School. Around the halls of RMHS and to her…
RMLD awards local teens for art contest entries
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READING – The Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) recently honored the participants and winners of its fifth annual public power themed High School Art Contest at a virtual awards ceremony.
Reading boys swim coach inducted into EMISCA Hall of Fame
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Kendall “Ken” Holbrook, the head coach of the Reading Memorial High School boys’ swim team, has been selected to the Eastern Massachusetts Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association (EMISCA) “Hall of Fame.” The award is for continuous excellence in coaching high school…
Town officials likely to prohibit all public uses of flag poles
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READING – A virtual red flag was raised on the Town Common Tuesday night.
Select Board okays $2M school literacy program funding
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READING – School Superintendent Dr. Tom Milaschewski had the support of the School Committee and the Reading ARPA Advisory Committee (RAAC). But the Select Board? The five people who had the final say on his request for $2 million in…
Reading’s latest COVID-19 metrics looking bleak
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READING - With nearly two-dozen school personnel contracting the viral infection last week alone, Reading’s public health officials continue to wrestle a new glut in COVID-19 cases.
Select Board to vote on ARPA fund uses
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READING - This Tuesday the Select Board is expected to vote on several uses of the town’s federal American Rescue Plan Act funds, including a portion on the town’s water enterprise budget and on time-sensitive school department requests.
A Senior Profile: Kiley Brown
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To the Reading community, Kiley Brown is a funny, independent, and trustworthy person. In her previous years, she has attended Joshua Eaton Elementary School, Parker Middle School, and then Reading Memorial High School.
A Senior Profile: Sam Lonks
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To the Reading Memorial High School community, Sam Lonks is a reliable, intelligent, and kind member of the class of 2022.
Reading’s Cavicchio family acts it all out on stage
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READING - “The family that plays together, stays together” is a catchy saying that the Cavicchio family of Reading has always taken to heart quite literally.
School Com. to press RAAC for literacy program funds
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READING – The School Committee will attend the RAAC (Reading ARPA Advisory Committee) meeting tonight to press for funding for a new literacy program for grades K-5.
BookTrib's Bites: A Plethora of Intriguing Reading
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School officials in search for new Parker MS principal
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READING – Reading Schools have begun the search to replace Parker Middle School Principal Richele Shankland. A Reading resident, Shankland came to Parker Middle School prior to the start of the 2016 School year. Her prior post was at Lynnfield…
ARPA board to judge merits of new school funding, elder services proposals
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READING - The Reading ARPA Advisory Committee is set to meet on Wednesday and discuss possible uses of the town’s federal American Rescue Plan Act funds, as well as vote on some potentially time-sensitive asks for the Reading Public Schools.
A Senior Profile: Cecelia Peacock
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To the Reading community, Cecelia Peacock is a hardworking, kind, and tenacious person. In her previous years, she has attended Birch Meadow Elementary School, Arthur W. Coolidge Middle School, and then Reading Memorial High School. Cecelia shared that she is…
Reading baseball team qualifies for tourney; coach wins 100th game
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WAKEFIELD — The Rockets became tournament eligible on Tuesday afternoon with 3-2 victory over Wakefield but not before some tense moments in the final inning and a bit of good fortune.
Select Board adopts series of PARC recommendations
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READING – Deputy Police Chief Christine Amendola knows exactly how Reading residents feel about parking in downtown. That’s because she hears from them on a daily basis.
Select Board reportedly set for vote on downtown parking fees
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READING - Two weeks ago the Parking Advisory and Recommendations Committee appeared before the Select Board to present its recommendations for how to improve Reading’s downtown parking regulations, and this Tuesday that hearing is expected to continue.
Effort to boost former town manager’s bonus pay defeated
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READING - Town Meeting earlier this week rejected an attempt to triple former Town Manager Robert LeLacheur’s retirement bonus to a $51,000 payout.
A Senior Profile: Cordelia Talbot
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To the Reading community, Cordelia Talbot is an independent, kind, and strong-willed person. In her previous years, she has attended Birch Meadow Elementary School, Coolidge Middle School, and Reading Memorial High School. Cordelia shares that she would describe herself as…
Town Meeting preserves $110K for new downtown parking kiosks
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READING - Town Meeting representatives fended off an effort by parking fee critics to strip away the funding needed to install new kiosks in two Reading Center parking lots.
CPDC okays Postmark Square development parking reduction
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READING - With the developer capitulating to demands to find new spaces for impacted homebuyers, the Community Planning and Development Commission (CPDC) recently sanctioned a post-construction reduction in garage parking at the Postmark Square condo complex.
Reading’s COVID-19 positivity rate surpasses key 5 percent threshold
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READING - The community’s COVID-19 positivity rate recently blew past a key 5 percent threshold just before district officials began recording a drastic resurgence in school-related infections.