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Certain Cheeses Sold Locally On Recall Over Possible Health Risk
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If you purchased certain types of cheeses at Price Chopper or Stop & Shop recently, you should know about a voluntary recall over potential health risks. Continue reading…
MA Families are Getting Sick but it’s Not Necessarily COVID
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COVID may not be the cause but Massachusetts families are still being knocked for a loop. Continue reading…
Pittsfield Police Make Arrest In Friday Night Shooting Death
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I hate to say it but since I have lived in Berkshire county, behavior has taken a violent turn in a city where you used to feel a lot safer. Continue reading…
Why are Massachusetts Residents Displaying Blue Porch Lights in September?
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A Beautiful Weekend Awaits You In Stockbridge
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This non-profit get together features a variety of entertainment from local Berkshire musicians Continue reading…
Which Berkshire Town Was Named One Of The Best For Fall Foliage?
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One Berkshire County town has been specially named as one of the best small towns in the country for fall foliage. Which town could it be? Continue reading…
Great Weather Is In Store This Sunday For The Fall Foliage Parade
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This year's theme means honoring every holiday, from Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, National Ice Cream Day, Halloween, and everything in between. Continue reading…
It's National Coffee Day! What's Massachusetts' Favorite Flavor?
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In honor of National Coffee Day, Versa Networks conducted a study on the coffee flavors that are the most popular in each state. Continue reading…
Why Am I Receiving Random Texts About Selling My Berkshire Home?
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5 Places To Get Pumpkins In The Berkshires
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I was driving my oldest son back from school on Thursday and pumpkins were on the brain. "Hey, Dad, when can we get a pumpkin", he asked. Yes, it's that time, I mean it maybe too early yet to carve one, but, certainly you can get one for the front steps ... Continue reading…
Berkshire Lovers Take A Look At The Perfect Ring For Fall
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We are officially into fall, everywhere you turn pumpkin spice seems again to be the going trend this year from coffee to candles and everything in between. Continue reading…
Phone Service Has Been Problematic In This Berkshire County Town
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Verizon is promising upgrades in the vicinity as patience is wearing thin amongst residents Continue reading…
Here’s Where You’ll Find The Tallest Tree In Massachusetts
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Climbing trees was never my thing, in fact, I never realized I had a slight fear of heights until I was vacationing in Yellowstone National Park in June. After circling up the side of a mountain in Colorado in an RV, I noticed this shaky feeling in my legs while looking down... Continue reading…
Here’s When Berkshire County Residents Can Expect the First Frost of 2022
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How Many Of Berkshire County's Top Attractions Have YOU Visited?
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I've lived in the beautiful Berkshire for 40+ years and there are still places right here that I've never seen. Continue reading…
This Massachusetts Destination Named Best Place in U.S. for October Vacations
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Fall is hands down the best time of year in Massachusetts and New England as a whole. The weather is fantastic, sunny warm days followed by cool autumn nights and foliage for days, Berkshire Country offers the best of everything fall. The magic of autumn in Massachusetts isn't a secret to those of us that live here, but it's always nice...
Pittsfield Man Found Guilty In Domestic Violence Trial
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A guilty verdict was obtained by the Berkshire DA's office yesterday in Central Berkshire District Court for a Pittsfield man accused of domestic violence. Continue reading…
Berkshire County And Beyond Here Are Some Of The Best Food Trucks
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If you could have a food truck would it be sweet, savory, or ethnic, the sky is the limit on what you could prepare and cook on your very own food truck. Continue reading…
Berkshire Theatre Group Announces Stellar Holiday Season Concert Lineup
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The holiday season will be upon us before we know it. And the Berkshire Theatre Group (BTG) has announced a stellar concert lineup with performers that are a must-see throughout the upcoming months. It may be getting cold in the Berkshires during the holiday season, but this lineup is on fire! Continue reading…
Study Ranks Best Coffee Cities In The Country. Any In Mass.?
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This Thursday, September 29th, is National Coffee Day, and those of us who can't get through a day without at least one cup are looking forward to celebrating. Continue reading…
Massachusetts Born Celebrity Sets New Record, Congratulations are in Order
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It's about children having experiences that will stay with them forever. Continue reading…
Fond Memories Of Late Actress' Oscar Acceptance Speech (VIDEO)
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I've got some sad news to pass along, Berkshire County. Oscar-winning actress Louise Fletcher passed away from natural causes on Friday. Continue reading…
BEWARE: Traffic Congestion For Berkshire County This Weekend
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Can You Guess Which Binge-Worthy TV Show Has The Most Fans In MA?
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As many of you in Berkshire County are well aware, there are TV shows that you love, and then there are TV shows that you are absolutely OBSESSED with. Continue reading…
Brothers Get Life In Prison For 2019 Pittsfield Murder
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It's not often that REAL justice gets served, but every so often, the scales of justice weigh heavily in the prosecution's favor. Continue reading…