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Orleans Parish inmates peacefully protesting for better living pods
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On Friday, residents of the high-security pods, put up barricades to keep deputies from entering and gave the jail's staff a letter demanding upgrades to their living facility.
Our weather pattern shifts Sunday to a drier and hotter one
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Orleans Justice Center inmates barricade themselves, demanding upgrades to their pod
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What is a national emergency, and how do they work?
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Presidents have declared 76 national emergencies in the last nearly five decades, and 42 remain in effect.
Some showers and storms today
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Real Estate experts say investors are swooping in on New Orleans property
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Investors are capitalizing on the need for rental properties across New Orleans.
Rain chances lower by Sunday
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We have a chance to dry out before another round of rain later next week
Former LSU Health chancellor spent charity funds on lavish trips, dinners, liquor, gifts
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No one at the foundation ever objected to reimbursing Larry Hollier, even when he didn’t provide detailed receipts.
Storms much more isolated this weekend
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We still have the chance for heavy downpours but not as widespread
'Poisonings, not overdoses' | Coroners say fentanyl crisis is getting worse
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Louisiana has one of the highest per capita overdose rates in the nation, number 11 overall.
Here's how to get a $150 credit on your Entergy bill
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The program is open to customers with a household income of up to 250 percent of the federal poverty level.
Judge rejects bond reduction request for teens accused of killing Linda Frickey
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There were requests from attorneys to reduce bonds and throw out evidence, but the judge denied all of them.
Scattered Saturday rain
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Weak low will drift west as drier air filters in
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Billy Nungesser confirms hes planning to run for Louisiana governor
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Bail reduction denied for teens accused of carjacking, dragging woman to death
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Linda Frickey died from 'blunt force injuries' after she was dragged to her death by her own car earlier this year.
Tropical wave will move west as our rain chances go down
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Louisiana Supreme Court denies appeal from Shreveport abortion clinic
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The Louisiana Supreme Court has denied an appeal from a Shreveport clinic seeking to reimpose a block on the state's abortion trigger laws pending any legal challenges.
Education Guide 2022: COVID learning loss a focus for St. Tammany
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The district is dealing with disruptions from the pandemic and Hurricane Ida.
Louisiana electricity rates lower than neighbors; rate hikes ahead
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Louisiana energy prices are similar to neighboring states, but rising fuel prices and damage from recent storms is driving up costs for homeowners this year.
Son of a Saint to open new Mid-City headquarters
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The Ochsner Health Son of a Saint Bivian Lee Jr. Center is scheduled to open Saturday at 2803 St. Philip St.
How the foreclosure rate in Louisiana compares to the rest of the U.S.
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Demand for single-family homes surged in the past two years, as the coronavirus pandemic prompted people to look for more living space.
Less tropical downpours in this weekend's forecast!
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The forecast for New Orleans and beyond will be cooler as tempertures remain below average with clouds and rain.
Fewer flooding concerns Friday!
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The forecast for New Orleans and beyond will be drier as we head later into this weekend!
More rain around through Saturday
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