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Coroner identifies victim of deadly shooting near Bullitt County line
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With Ky. banning most abortions, some Louisville officials want to limit local enforcement
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Democratic officials are floating the idea of limiting the use of local police resources to enforce the state's abortion ban.
'Concerning but not surprising': Public health officials report first probable case of Monkeypox in Jefferson County
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'We simply could not let down our youth': Louisville program celebrates 12 successful years
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SummerWorks has placed more than 8,000 young adults in quality jobs and more than 40,000 have been hired by Champion Employers.
Louisville to increase funding for roads, youth programming in new budget
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The $1.3 billion spending plan is the largest budget in the nearly two-decade history of Louisville Metro Government.
LMPD investigating deadly shooting near Bullitt County line
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Louisville police said they received the call around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday of a dead man at the 11000 block of Nez Perce Way, near the Bullitt County line.
Without Congressional action, schools might not be able to test for COVID
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Last year, federal funds allowed school districts to limit the spread of COVID-19 through widespread testing. But those funds are spent and it’s unclear if more is coming.
The Thaw: How To Fight Climate Change In Louisville
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I had no idea we were making a life raft when we formed a small songwriting group in early March 2020. We met once in person and then the meetings went to screens, writing a song per week based on prompts we came up with together. We started the group not knowing the essential part … Continued The post The Thaw: How To Fight Climate Change In...
502 Black Business Week features discounts and deals at more than 120 Louisville companies
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The 502 Black Business Week campaign, created in 2018, intends to address marketing challenges faced by Black business owners.
Man accused of punching Mayor Greg Fischer pleads not guilty
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Antwon Brown, who police say punched Fischer unprovoked, is not allowed to contact the mayor following a judge’s order.
Louisville’s ozone pollution is improving, but is it enough for the EPA?
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Louisville’s Air Pollution Control District released a proposal Wednesday arguing the region now meets the EPA’s standards for ozone pollution.
'No for now': EPA denies Kentucky's request to temporarily suspend Louisville's RFG requirements
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Louisville is required to sell reformulated gasoline (RFG). Recent data shows RFG in the midwest costs an average of 55 cents per gallon more than conventional gas.
Metro Council committee approves proposed budget
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Increased funding will come to various projects including roads, parks, libraries and homeless.
Autopsy results show public health official died of heart disease
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An autopsy report points to heart and lung disease in the death of Dr. SarahBeth Hartlage, formerly with the Louisville Dept. of Public Health and Wellness.
Louisville council members tweak proposed budget, increasing spending on roads and parks
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A Metro Council committee voted to increase spending on public roads, sidewalks and parks in the next budget, which starts July 1.
'Build a better Kentucky': 3 Jefferson County parks receive funding to improve accessibility, relax areas
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The three parks are Jefferson Memorial Forest in Fairdale, Little Hunting Creek Park in Prospect and Wetherby Park in Middletown.
No A/C? Free fans available for elderly Kentuckians and residents with disabilities
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Louisville Metro Government is distributing free electric box fans to qualifying residents while supplies last.
Groups build beds to help JCPS students in need
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“We're glad to just jump in there and build those beds, bring the hammers, the saws and the drills, and put it all together."
Louisville shelters will offer escape from heat for residents experiencing homelessness
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“Operation White Flag” aims to offer unsheltered residents refuge when the heat index or temperatures rise above 95 degrees.
EPA denies Governor Beshear's request for waiver on reformulated gas
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If the waiver had been approved, it would have allowed more affordable gas to be sold in Jefferson County and parts of Bullitt and Oldham counties.
Judge dismisses domestic violence case against Rajon Rando
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According to court documents obtained by WHAS11 News, the woman claims Rondo pulled a gun and threatened her life in an incident in Louisville last week.
Meet Jefferson County Public School's 18-year-old singing sensation
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JCPS student and Cuban immigrant Alexander Suarez is turning heads with his big voice and dreams, having recently settled in the U.S.
4 Young Critics Put New Eyes and Fresh Perspectives On ‘Hamilton’
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“Hamilton” uplifted the trajectory of storytelling on Broadway and then the pandemic has changed so much about how we interact with each other and the arts. Broadway and other arts closed its doors for a time. Now, doors to the arts have reopened and the run of “Hamilton” via PNC Broadway in Louisville at Kentucky … Continued The post 4...
Ky. Supreme Court strikes down challenge to JCPS property tax hike
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A 9.5% property tax increase will be allowed to go forward after all seven justices ruled in favor of JCPS and the teachers’ union.
Metro Council’s fight against transparency could cost Louisville taxpayers $2 million
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A Jefferson County Circuit Court judge ruled recently that Louisville Metro Council members willfully violated Kentucky’s Open Records Act.