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Help Young Evansville IN Man Undergo Dental Restoration After Life-Altering Accident
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Help a young Evansville man restore the smile he last after a tragic accident in Vanderburgh County, Indiana in 2021. Continue reading…
Evansville Area Residents Can Get Free Safe Rides Home Memorial Day Weekend with Logan’s Promise
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Don't Drink & Drive - Logan's Promise Offers FREE Safe Rides Home
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Plan ahead, so that when the party ends, you can get home safely. Continue reading…
Tornado Watch for Western KY, Southwest IN
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A tornado watch has been issued for a large portion of western Kentucky and southwestern Indiana. Continue reading…
Southern Charmers Pixie and Dixie Light Up IN Shelter - Watch
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Come meet and play with Pixie and Dixie at the VHS! Continue reading…
EVSC High School 2022 Commencement Dates, Times, and Locations
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Evansville Vanderburgh County High School 2022 Commencement Dates, Times, and Locations
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Animal Rescuers Call for Release of Puppies Used for Testing at Southern Indiana Laboratory
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Animal advocates are asking the public to go #Blue4Beagles in an attempt to save 80 beagle puppies from Inotiv, an animal testing facility in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Continue reading…
Indiana Legislative Changes Leads Evansville School Corporation to Adjust 2022-23 School Calendar
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The change comes after the Indiana legislature changed requirements for how school districts use virtual student instructional days. Continue reading…
Quick Action From Southern Indiana Police Prevents Planned Shootout By Alabama Fugitives
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Swift Action By Indiana Police Prevented Shootout with Fugitives
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Two dangerous criminals have been captured and no innocent civilians or law enforcement personnel were seriously injured during the process. Continue reading…
New Website Launched For Yard Sales In Evansville and Surrounding Counties
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New Website Launched For Yard Sales In Evansville Area
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It's yard sale season, and if you want to hit up as many as you can, or get the word out about yours, there's a new tool that you can use to easily find them in the Evansville area. Continue reading…
Information About Voting in the Indiana Primary Election 2022
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A lot of people don't consider the Primary Election to be very important, but it really does matter. Continue reading…
Vanderburgh County in Need of Volunteers to Help Clear Invasive Weeds
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The "Weed Wranglers" will help remove invasive plant species not native to the area at Wesselman Woods and Howell Wetlands on the final Saturday of each month. Continue reading…
Downtown Evansville's Signature Dates & Info 2022
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New businesses plus a calendar full of fun events equals a very exciting 2022 for Downtown Evansville. Continue reading…
Evansville Shelter Teams up with BISSELL Pet Foundation to Empty the Shelters
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The VHS teamed up with the BISSELL Pet Foundation for reduced adoption fees during Empty the Shelter Week. Continue reading…
Indiana Business Wants to Know Who’s Leaving Bottles of Urine On Their Property
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The owners of the east side business say someone has been throwing bottles of urine at their property about twice a week for the past five months. Continue reading…
Recycle Old Electronics at One of These Evansville Indiana Events in 2022
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Vanderburgh County Indiana Solid Waste District, along with C&I Electronics will be hosting three different electronics recycling events in 2022. Continue reading…