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McLean County reproductive rights activist stresses need for laws that protect 'bodily autonomy'
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Carolyn Moon is a reproductive rights activist from McLean County and a former Planned Parenthood of Illinois board member. She spoke to WGLT's Charlie Schlenker after Friday's Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.
WGLT's Sound Ideas - Wednesday, 6/22/22
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On today's episode, you'll hear about trends in sexually transmitted infections in McLean County. Plus, Mayor Mboka Mwilambwe visits with Charlie Schlenker. And a report on the ongoing disruptions in the bird business caused by avian flu.
The COVID-19 pandemic came with isolation, but it didn't stop a growing STI problem
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In total, CDC data shows 2.4 million reported cases of STIs in 2020, even with the caveat that the coronavirus pandemic hindered surveillance of these illnesses.
Manufacturers gather in Normal to seek answers to the worker shortage
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One year after much of the economy reopened and expanded jobless benefits ran out, many manufacturers still can't find enough workers. Business leaders from across the state are trying to figure out how to rebuild and retrain the post-pandemic workforce.
Making the call: DCFS rewards worker who ignored abuse
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In Rica Rountree's case, mandated reporters alerted the state’s child welfare agency of potential serious abuse. They sounded the alarm bell repeatedly, only to have those alarms ignored or not thoroughly investigated by the agency tasked with doing so. Instead, the investigator who mishandled Rica’s case was promoted.
WGLT's Sound Ideas - Tuesday, 5/31/22
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On today's episode, you'll hear about a call for volunteers to help McLean County children in foster care. Plus, an update on the new Central Illinois Bridge Academy. And you'll hear how the Juneteenth holiday is being received in a small Central Illinois town.
McLean County doesn't have enough volunteers to help kids in foster care
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McLean County is putting out a call for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) to help children navigate the foster care system.
WGLT's Sound Ideas - Wednesday, 5/25/22
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On today's episode, you'll hear from an ISU scholar about the shooting in Texas. Plus, an interview with the nonprofit group at the center of the State Farm LGBTQ issue that's making headlines. And an interview with painter Shahrbanoo Hamzeh, who is showing her work at the McLean County Arts Center.
McFarland calls for local solutions to DCFS problems as she seeks circuit judge seat
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Associate Judge Amy McFarland is calling for new and creative ways to bring local agencies to the table to help minors who have not received adequate protection through the beleaguered Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.
State’s Attorney Knapp touts 'broad' experience in circuit judge bid
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McLean County State’s Attorney Don Knapp says his legal experience as both a prosecutor and a civil attorney give him a unique blend of experience that qualifies him to be the next circuit judge for McLean and nearby counties.