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Sennheiser's latest earbuds offer top-notch sound
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Sennheiser's new Momentum True Wireless 3 compete with other earbuds from Sony, Jabra, Apple, and more with their top-notch sound and powerful ANC.
Former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway memoir recounts the toll White House stint had on her marriage
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Conway also took aim at Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner, calling him "shrewd and calculating" and a "man of knowing nods (and) , quizzical looks, and sidebar inquiries."
Biden: US would send military to defend Taiwan if China were to invade
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Federal judge rules Title 42, allowing COVID-19 asylum restrictions, must continue at border
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What's the best way to donate to Ukraine? Give with your heart, but use your head, experts say
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USA TODAY compiles a list of U.S. and Ukrainian organizations that seek to aid millions of people hurt by the Russian invasion.
Fact check: Image of boxes in warehouse unrelated to baby formula shortage
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An image of boxes in a warehouse shows PPE from 2020, not boxes of baby formula at the U.S. border amid the nationwide shortage.
Sony's new earbuds offer great noise canceling at a cost
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Sony's LinkBuds S trade the holes for better sound and noise canceling, but a higher price makes them a tough sell over rivals from Jabra and others.
Federal judge rules Title 42, allowing COVID asylum restrictions, must continue at border
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The Department of Justice said it will appeal the judge's decision, arguing the CDC was within its authority to end Title 42.
2 Secret Service agents in South Korea before Biden trip sent home after 'off-duty incident'
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Secret Service agents were involved in an "off-duty incident" that involved potential policy violations, spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told USA TODAY.
'White supremacy is a poison': Emotional Biden in Buffalo condemns those who push 'perverse' replacement theory
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"What happened here is simple, straightforward terrorism," Biden said in Buffalo after meeting and grieving with family members of shooting victims.
White House, Congress take steps to address infant formula shortage. Don't expect relief overnight
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The House passed a bill to provide $28 million to beef up the FDA's inspection staff at a time when a lack of quality control added to the crisis.
An emotional Selena Gomez explains why mental health is 'personal' at White House, MTV event
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On Wednesday, Selena Gomez visited the White House for the first-ever Mental Health Youth Action Forum led by MTV Entertainment.
Cadillac Lyric EV will boast 300-mile range; GM offers customers choice of 2 charging deals
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Cadillac has finally released pricing of its Lyriq EV, which will start at $62,990. and have a range of 300 miles. Orders start Thursday.
'White supremacy is a poison': Emotional Biden in Buffalo condemns those who push 'hateful, perverse' replacement theory...
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'White supremacy is a poison': Emotional Biden in Buffalo condemns those who push 'hateful, perverse' replacement theory...
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A third round of free COVID test kits is available. Here's how to order the at-home tests.
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A government website providing free at-home COVID tests has reopened to offer a third round of free kits to Americans.
Dr. Anthony Fauci says he will leave position if Trump is reelected
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Trump hasn't launched an official presidential campaign for 2024 but has frequently suggested he's seriously considering a second run.
I defend the First Amendment, but don't protest outside the Supreme Court justices' homes
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Pro-abortion rights protesters should focus on public spaces, such as the Supreme Court building or even Congress and the White House.
Biden praises Greece for leadership amid Russia war
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President Joe Biden thanked Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for his country's "moral leadership" in the aftermath of Russia's invasion of Ukraine as the two held talks at the White House Monday about the ongoing conflict. (May 16)
Biden awards Public Safety Officer Medals of Valor
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President Joe Biden awarded Medals of Valor to 15 public safety officers Monday, including two who died in the line of duty. In a White House ceremony, Biden called the honorees "the heart and soul and very spine of this country." (May 16)
Deborah Birx warns of virus surge across US South
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Former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx addressed The Forum Club of the Palm Beaches during a luncheon in West Palm Beach Monday. Birx warned against a COVID-19 surge across the U.S. South as summer approaches. (May 16)
FDA set to allow sale of foreign baby formula in US, hoping it's the magic bullet to end shortage
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The FDA expects to announce plans to allow for the sale of foreign baby formula in the U.S. in an effort to end the shortage.
Why do young whites kill out of hate? Schools aren't teaching nation's racist past.
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White supremacist ideology is dangerously alive in young Americans. The fight against teaching about racism is telling kids they don't need to care.
Karine Jean-Pierre leads history-making first briefing as White House press secretary
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Karine Jean-Pierre, previously principal deputy press secretary, replaced Jen Psaki following Psaki's departure from the White House.
Biden takes actions on affordable housing, aiming to close gap in housing supply in 5 years
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