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Howard Brown missing since August 1986
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AD likes Walnut Grove’s new path
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Former Collins Hill baseball coach eager to oversee entire Warrior athletic program
Loganville moves ahead on new library
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The O’Kelly Memorial Library could be in a new, larger building in a different spot three years from now.
Safety key priority for local school system officials
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Budget season is upon the local school systems, as both the Walton County and Social Circle boards of education consider budget options heading into the summer hiatus.
Walton 4-H shotgun team excels during competition
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I miss Dad’s counsel and sharp wit
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Editor’s Note: Proprietor and publisher Patrick Graham’s father, Dr. William Graham, passed away 18 years ago. He is again sharing his Father’s Day column from 2018 to give readers the opportunity get to know his dad a little better.
Little River bridge dedicated to fallen Social Circle soldier
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On Friday morning a fallen Vietnam War era solider was honored with a bridge dedicated to his memory in his hometown of Social Circle.
Another round for everyone?
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In a 7-1 vote, the Monroe City Council approved a resolution calling for a referendum asking voters if they want to permit the package sale of distilled spirits within city limits. Mayor Pro Tem Larry Bradley opposed the measure.
Elite 11: Canes’ Alan Jones
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For the past two years, Alan Jones biggest rival for the Walton County rushing crown was his own teammate.
Loganville officials approve new budget
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City leaders to meet about library’s future
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The grant status of the O’Kelly Memorial Library is back on the Loganville City Council’s table.
Red Devils continue cultural change
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Going into his third year with the Loganville High School football program Head Coach Brad Smith is seeing signs that a needed cultural change is happening within the Red Devils.
Cleaning out the spring notebook, includes LHS rebound
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War of Words
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Thompson, Bradford have tense exchange at BOC meeting
Council members consider potential TSPLOST projects
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The Social Circle City Council covered a lot of ground regarding potential transportation projects, budget and personnel during a lengthy work session last week.
Early voting for primary runoff begins Monday
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Walton County's early voters will once again venture to either Nowell Recreation Center in Monroe or Meridian park in Loganville to cast ballots during one week of advance voting beginning Monday.
Participation level helps GWA focus on high level
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George Walton Academy football coach Logan Beer feels his second season with the Bulldogs has gotten off to a good start because of the apparent buy-in of his players.
Denver Broncos to be sold to Walmart heir Rob Walton for record $4.65 billion, per report
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The Denver Broncos are set to be sold with a price tag more than double the cost of the Carolina Panthers, who were sold for $2.275 billion in 2018.
The power of incumbency carries a great deal of weight
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A lesson we learned from the 2022 primary is one that has been taught many times before.
Walton Tribune once again honored as best in its division by its peers
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Agriculture: A look at Georgia’s No. 1 industry
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W.H. Stanton Memorial Library kicks off summer
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Monroe teen still in ICU after shooting
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A Monroe teen remains in ICU after being shot multiple times at a party in Gwinnett County.
Red Devils’ Heard tops All-Walton
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In his first full season as a varsity starter last spring, Matthew Heard was a solid reliever but underachiever at the plate.
FISH needs help feeding local kids
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FISH4Kids, a yearly summer lunch program run by Faith In Serving Humanity, began serving at risk children in the community again on Wednesday.