HOW TO MAKE A PIRATE: Brunswick High makes memories at youth football camp
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If the smiling faces and gleeful shouts leaving the Brunswick High field house was any indication, a new generation of Pirates was born Friday at the team’s All-Star Youth Football Camp.
ROE V. WADE: State, federal politicians weigh in on overturn on landmark decision
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Candidates for federal office and their opponents wasted little time letting voters know what they think of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade today.
Cops: man surrenders in toddler shooting case
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The man wanted for shooting and wounding a toddler June 17 inside a crowded home in Brunswick has turned himself in to police, said Angela Smith, assistant chief of administration for the Brunswick Police Department.
ROE V. WADE: State, federal politicians weight in on overturn on landmark decision
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Candidates for federal office and their opponents wasted little time letting voters know what they think of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade today.
Coastal Photographers' Guild to host Big Photo Show
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Bonnie Ray Chaney has built a mountain of memories. All of those were collected through the lens of her camera.
A profound decision (or so I think)
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Perhaps you’ll want to sit down for this. It might even be advisable to grab a cool, wet washrag for your forehead in case you feel swimmy-headed over this news.
Alternatives to GDOT's bridge plan worth exploring
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Having a plan is an important part of all of our daily lives. Every day we go through some sort of plan, even if we don’t realize it. We plan out what to eat, when we need to leave the…
Business beware, 'stakeholder' capitalism is parasitic progressivism
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Semantic infiltration is the tactic by which political objectives are smuggled into discourse that is ostensibly, but not actually, politically neutral. People who adopt a political faction’s vocabulary also adopt — perhaps inadvertently, but inevitably — the faction’s agenda. So,…
Lord will open and shut doors as a way of guiding
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The mission from which Pope Francis should never retire
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It is not easy to read the tea leaves on Pope Francis’s rumored retirement, particularly because the Council of Ancyra forbade divination in A.D. 314.
Couple's 'golden years' look increasingly dark
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I don't want to be a nanny all summer
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Shoe maker Okabashi to invest $20M in Georgia, hiring 250
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BUFORD, Ga. (AP) — Shoe manufacturer Okabashi said Thursday that it will hire 250 workers and invest $20 million to double production at its headquarters in suburban Atlanta.
Editorial Roundup: Georgia
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Rayven Riggs looks to get the ball rolling for BHS Softball
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Bridge Club offers social environment along with competitive games
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The ambiance and camaraderie at the Golden Isles Duplicate Bridge Club stuck out to Barbara Bruce the first time she played there almost 20 years ago.
Why oil companies are not producing
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A recent letter to the editor alleges that Biden is not to blame for high gas prices. The author states that oil companies are not drilling because they are sitting on huge profits. Biden recently said that Exxon-Mobil is making…
History worth standing up to defend
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I am a Brunswickian, born and bred. Unfortunately, I feel like an alien in my hometown. I have no say so in the decisions made in our community. Instead, I am told to shut up and go along with the…
New zoning regulations need close, public scrutiny
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It is comforting to know that at least one member of the Zoning Review Committee, the panel set up to review Glynn County’s proposed revised zoning ordinances, is asking the kind of questions that residents who will be affected by…
Student debt forgiveness is not responsible
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I can hardly believe that it is being proposed again — and supported — until I realized who was pushing it! No, I am not in favor of forgiving student debt. These loans were legally if not always wisely made…
Joe Biden has done what he was elected to do
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I don’t blame the president for anything, for he knows not what he is doing. Joe’s only job in 2020 was to deny Trump a second term and destroy our economy, our energy independence, our border security, our education reforms…
Faith and Freedom Go Together
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Faith is belief in someone greater than ourselves
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We are so opposite!
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Courthouse security upgrades coming
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After years of discussion, an upgrade to security at the Glynn County Courthouse is coming.