Florida Man Pleads Guilty to Pushing Police in Capitol Riot
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A Florida man has pleaded guilty to attacking police officers while storming the U.S. Capitol during the January 2021 insurrection.
How a DC Water Tunnel Project May Relieve Flooding
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Heavy rain Wednesday led to severe flooding in the District. DC Water said its tunnel system repair plan will help fix the problem
Trump's ignoring legitimate legal recourse — that speaks volumes
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Trump has scampered away from available immediate legal challenges to the FBI search.
These figures in Trump’s orbit have pleaded the 5th Amendment
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Former President Trump announced he’d invoked his Fifth Amendment rights during a deposition by the New York Attorney General on Wednesday, joining a number of prominent Republicans in his orbit who have elected to remain silent during recent calls to testify. The former president had been subpoenaed as part of N.Y. AG Letitia James’s (D)...
Ukrainian commandos destroy 9 Russian warplanes in stealth strike deep into Crimea
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BEHIND ENEMY LINES: Satellite imagery of the aftermath of Tuesday’s attack on the Saki air base on the Black Sea coast of Crimea reveals damage much more extensive than would have been caused by an accidental detonation of ammunition stocks.
Abortion ruling prompts variety of reactions from states
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Here is an overview of the impact the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade has had so far in every state and the status of their laws.
The Memo: Legal storms engulf Trump
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Former President Trump is in the middle of two legal firestorms this week — and there looks to be plenty more trouble to come. Trump has skated away from the jaws of peril before, both in his political life and in his business career. But the sheer accumulation of dangers now is a problem. “I...
Biden administration announces new projects from bipartisan infrastructure law
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The Biden administration is announcing 166 new federal grants Thursday for transportation projects from the bipartisan infrastructure law. “One thing I think you’ll see come across as we speak to communities that are receiving grant awards is how passionate they are about the need for their project,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg...
Supreme Court faces new pressure to reconsider racist ‘Insular Cases’
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The American Bar Association on Tuesday passed a unanimous resolution opposing the so-called Insular Cases, a series of Supreme Court decisions that decreed limits to the rights of U.S. citizens in territories based largely on their race.  The lawyers’ guild’s action is significant as questions rise about whether the Supreme Court could...
Trump Tax Returns Must Be Given to Congress, Federal Appeals Court Says in New Ruling
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The ruling on ex-President Donald Trump's tax returns came a day after the FBI raided his Florida residence as part of a probe into White House documents.
Will the Biden administration sunset its expansion of Public Service Loan Forgiveness?
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More than 175,000 borrowers have received more than $9.5 billion of loan forgiveness under the program.
DC area kids among those facing nationwide ‘mental health crisis,’ new research shows
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Nonso Umunna, with the Maryland Center on Economic Policy, a member of the Kids Count network, says the findings for the state show that one in eight children reported they experienced anxiety or depression. "And that’s a staggering number," said Umunna.
Plan Your Vote for 2022's Maryland Primary + Elections in DC, Maryland, Virginia
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The electoral landscape has changed significantly since 2020. The 2022 Plan Your Vote tool by NBC News is here to help.
Pentagon Denies DC Request for Help With Migrant Reception
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The Pentagon has rejected the District of Columbia's request for National Guard assistance in receiving thousands of migrants being bused to the city from two Southern states, a situation the mayor has called a "growing humanitarian crisis." Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin declined to provide Guard personnel and the use of the D.C. Armory to assist...
Pentagon denies DC's request for National Guard to help with bussed migrants
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Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has turned down a request from Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) to deploy the National Guard to help with migrants being bussed into the city from Texas and Arizona, a defense official told The Hill. Bowser requested the Guard in mid-July in a bid to help the city as Texas...
Pentagon denies D.C. request for National Guard migrant help
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The Pentagon has rejected a request from the District of Columbia seeking National Guard assistance for the thousands of migrants being bused to the city from two southern states
4 critically injured in lightning strike near White House
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Four people have been critically injured after a lightning strike near the White House
We need a national action plan to contain monkeypox now
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Let’s apply the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that there’s an innovative, effective action plan to contain monkeypox before it becomes endemic in America and worldwide.
Equilibrium/Sustainability — Athletes consider cricket's sustainability
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The game of cricket has weathered such a hot spring and summer that athletes are questioning the long-term sustainability of the world’s second-most popular sport. Cricket, trailing only soccer in global fandom, is particularly beloved in some of the places most vulnerable to extreme weather events, such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh,...
[Josh Blackman] An Update on Judge Silberman's Complaint Against A Federal Judge Picking Other Federal Judges
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Can an active federal judge serve on a committee with the power to nominate another federal judge over the President's objection? You might think the answer is obviously no, but the D.C. Home Rule Act authorizes just such a process. And Judge Emmitt Sullivan (D.D.C.) chairs that committee. In 2020, Judge Laurence (C.A.D.C.) filed a…
Senate panel deadlocks on Biden's judicial pick with history of gun control work
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President Joe Biden's nominee to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Rachel Bloomekatz, is deadlocked in a vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee after Republicans were critical of her past work on gun control-related cases during her confirmation hearing.
Dobbs was supposed get the courts out of the abortion business. It’s having the opposite effect.
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Some have portrayed the overturning of Roe as the end of the abortion debate, but it’s really just the beginning. As they say in the opera: “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”
Missouri man left loaded pistol on Capitol grounds on Jan. 6, prosecutors say
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A 36-year-old man from Missouri who prosecutors allege left a loaded pistol on U.S. Capitol grounds amid the rioting on Jan. 6, 2021 is facing multiple charges. A criminal complaint alleges that Jerod Thomas Bargar illegally traveled across state lines with a 9-millimeter semi-automatic pistol and had it with him while on Capitol grounds the...
Immigration reform is the supply-side liberalism we need
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Handing out green pieces of paper can make us wealthier, so long as they’re permanent resident cards and not dollars
Farming Partnership in Brandywine Plans to Fight Prince George's County Food Desert
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A new farming partnership in Brandywine will produce fresh livestock and vegetables to combat Prince George’s County’s food desert issue.