Veterans leaving legislature, opening up seats for newcomers in Farmington Valley and beyond
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State Rep. John Hampton and Sen. Kevin Witkos are both retiring - paving the way for new leadership in the Farmington Valley.
Manufacturing and wholesale trades boosts April hiring in Connecticut; unemployment rate falls for 4th consecutive month...
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“April’s job growth builds on the momentum we saw in February and March,” said Patrick Flaherty, research director at the Department of Labor.
East Catholic’s Frank Mozzicato throws 3 scoreless innings in pro baseball debut
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Frank Mozzicato, from East Catholic, the seventh overall pick in the 2021 MLB draft, made his professional debut on the mound Wednesday, with three scoreless innings for the Royals' Class A affiliate.
Demand surges for submarine manufacturing workers in Connecticut as Navy reportedly considers outsourcing
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Electric Boat, a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corp., said in January it plans to hire more than 3,000 workers this year, a 20% increase over 2021 as U.S. military strategy faces rising threats from China and Russia.
Singing legend Johnny Mathis comes to Connecticut in May
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Interrupted by the pandemic last year, Mathis continues his 2022 Voice of Romance Tour with stops around the country (see
Study finds Connecticut best state to be a police officer
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Connecticut is the top state in the nation to be a police officer, according to a study by the website WalletHub. One longtime police union leader, however, called the findings “meaningless.”
Anne D’Alleva Appointed Interim Provost
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How often can you be infected with COVID-19?
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A virus that shows no signs of disappearing, variants that are adept at dodging the body’s defenses and waves of infections two, maybe three times a year — this may be the future of COVID-19, some scientists now fear.
Replacement theory, a fringe belief fostered online, has been refashioned by the GOP
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Why You Went to College
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Five Students Earn National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships
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Trump inaugural lawsuit ends in $750K settlement for Washington, D.C.
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Former President Trump’s businesses and inaugural committee have reached a deal to pay $750,000 to resolve a lawsuit that alleged the committee overpaid for events at his hotel and enriched the former president’s family in the process.
Chief Justice Roberts confirms leaked draft opinion on Supreme Court abortion case; Biden warns other rights threatened
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President Joe Biden on Tuesday blasted what he called a “radical” leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court is poised to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade case.
Report: Supreme Court poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, draft opinion shows
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A draft opinion suggests the U.S. Supreme Court could be poised to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion nationwide.
Jury in ‘Fitbit murder’ trial hears from Fitbit expert, victim’s mother during Monday’s testimony
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Jurors on Monday finally heard testimony about the Fitbit Connie Dabate was wearing when she was murdered. Investigators used data from the activity tracker to poke holes in her husband’s story that a masked intruder broke in and shot her.
Sneakers, elastic pants: Back-to-office fashion is quite comfortable
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After working remotely in sweats and yoga pants for two years, many Americans are rethinking their wardrobes to balance comfort and professionalism as offices reopen.
President Biden remembers former Vice President Walter Mondale at memorial service; ‘It was Fritz who lit the way’
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President Joe Biden saluted Walter Mondale, traveling to the University of Minnesota to remember the former vice president and Democratic Party elder whose memorial service was delayed for a year due to the pandemic.
Glastonbury Martin Luther King Community Initiative to host conversation on Critical Race Theory
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Illinois among states filing lawsuits with aim to electrify USPS fleet
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Sixteen states that want the U.S. Postal Service to electrify its mail delivery vehicles are suing to halt purchases of thousands of gas-powered trucks as the agency modernizes its delivery fleet.
Madeleine Albright honored by Biden, other world leaders at funeral in Washington
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Mourners gathered to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Madeleine Albright, a child refugee from war-torn Europe who rose to become America’s first female secretary of state.