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Mystic Seaport Museum to open Story Boats exhibit on Saturday
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Some of the boats with the best stories at Mystic Seaport Museum are rarely, if ever, seen by visitors.
In Netflix's ‘Operation Mincemeat,’ faking an invasion and helping win WWII
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With any war movie, the safe audience bet typically favors the immediate, graphic horrors of battle. That way, when you see a title such as “Hacksaw Ridge,” you know a director (in...
Respler, state agency to meet about new Mystic Education Center proposal
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Developer Jeffrey Respler is asking for assurance that the state will continue to sell the property to Respler Homes, but the state has raised concerns about planned changes in the company and...
Southeastern Connecticut's congressional delegation reacts to Texas school shooting
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The tragic event led to calls for increased gun control among Democrats and bipartisanship among Republicans.
Submarine base assistant fire chief posthumously inducted into hall of fame
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"Firefighter's firefighter" Kenny Jeffery served as assistant chief at the Naval Submarine Base and chief of the Windsor Locks fire departments. He died in 2003 at age 51.
Penguin chicks take their first swim
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Three African penguin chicks explored their habitat for the first time Wednesday at the Mystic Aquarium.
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is the ‘Lincoln Lawyer’ in Netflix show based on the movie
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Mickey Haller will tell you that everybody lies. He’ll tell you repeatedly, until you believe it. But he doesn’t really believe it himself.The criminal defense lawyer, based...
Clothes shopping at Rochelle's and Catherine M.'s in Mystic
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Mystic draws people for a whole lot of reasons — including the first-rate clothing stores.I actually discovered Rochelle's Watch Hill venue first and was then happy when I realized...
Appreciating nature in Mystic at Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center
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One of the best places to enjoy nature in Mystic is at the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center.You can hike the 10 miles of trails on its 400-acre sit on Pequotsepos Road and see all kinds of...
How to mix a Margarita de Tamarindo from La Llorona
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Nat King Cole — genius that he was — had a bit of a corny ideal of summer fun.In his 1963 hit song (#6, Billboard charts) "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of...
Olde Mistick Village offers unique shopping, dining and fun
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You've probably noticed that the Hallmark and Lifetime networks have fallen in love with our region, make all sorts of films with our charming locales. And other movie folks are taking note. The...
Mystic Disc spins the tunes of the world
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Get out one of those anachronistic globes that sit in the home libraries of old rich people who might occasionally spin it as he or she ponders how it's possible the world has changed so...
Mystic Knotwork is a thematically great shop
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The first time we were walking by the Mystic Knotwork store, I turned to my wife Eileen and said, "You know what this makes me think of?""Oh, no," she said, burying her face in her hands.
Mystic Seaport Museum echoes centuries of the sea
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There was a time when you could only buy XXXL T-shirts at Mystic Seaport because the place was officially called something like "Mystic Seaport — The Barnacle-Crusted Repositorium of...
Reviewer updates long history at Daniel Packer Inne
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I can't rightly say I was "heavily recruited" by The Day although, in an era before Zoom and video interviews were the norm, the paper's honchos were sufficiently curious about my resume to...
Celebrating the Mystic River Bascule Bridge
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One of Mystic’s signature sites, the bascule bridge crossing the Mystic River, is getting special attention this year. And for good reason: 2022 is its 100th anniversary.The...
Friends & Neighbors: Mystic’s Tate Scherer accepts Coast Guard Academy nomination
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The United States Coast Guard Academy has announced Mystic’s Tate Scherer has accepted an appointment to attend the Coast Guard Academy and will be sworn in as a member of the Class of 2026 on...
Sound Community Services workers to vote on contract agreement
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Unionized workers called off a planned strike for May 18 after reaching a tentative agreement, and they're set to vote on the agreement this week.
Bascule bridge busker
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Sebastian Luttrell, 14, of Hebron, plays violin from a concrete abutment on the Stonington side of the Mystic River Bascule Bridge on Monday,
Amid Great Resignation, Mystic-based company aims to use survey to educate on value of HR
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The Human Resource Consortium is looking for CEOs in eastern Connecticut to take a 15-minute survey.
Final-hour rally yanks Wall Street from jaws of bear market
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Wall Street rumbled to the edge of a bear market Friday after another drop for stocks briefly sent the S&P 500 more than 20% below its peak set early this year
Where should people go for fun in Mystic?
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What do you, as a resident of the region, like to do in Mystic? What's your favorite place to eat or listen to music or spend some time? What are your Mystic hidden gems?
Fair housing topic of upcoming virtual seminar
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Fair housing laws and obligations will be the subject of an upcoming virtual seminar aimed at educating landlords, property managers,realtors and others.
Casinos, state post April gaming revenues
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Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun report year-over-year declines in slot machine revenue.
New Seaport exhibit showcases work of local ocean exploration firm
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A new exhbit has opened at Mystic Seaport Musuem that showcases the technology developed by the locally-based Global Foundation for Ocean Exploratiion and its expeditions.