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Letter to the editor: Why does anyone need body armor?
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Can somebody please explain to me why it is legal to buy body armor in Connecticut if done so on a face-to-face transaction. I follow with interest all the arguments concerning gun control, i.e. age requirements, background checks, Second Amendment rights, etc., but never do I see a mention concerning body armor. Other than military and police...
Opinion: Even in times of tragedy, good people emerge
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I would like to ask our elected officials, once again, from every level of government to put party politics aside and get to work on solving this problem.
Letter: Help West Haven
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I have been a resident of the city of West Haven for 50 years, after marrying the love of my life, who is a lifelong born Westie. Other cities and towns have their “issues,” but our beloved West Haven takes the top prize. I am proud to say I was a West Haven police officer for 40-plus years. My sisters and brothers still working and those...