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Letter: Thank you
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The North Haven Garden Club would like to express its sincere thanks to the many residents and nonresidents who came out, despite the rain, wind and chilly temperatures for their generous support of The North Haven Garden Club's May Market plant sale on Saturday, May 7. The club’s dedicated members volunteer their time, talent and ceaseless...
Single cell analysis tech helps generate unprecedented maps of disease
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Yale researchers across disciplines are profiling cells that exist together in both healthy and diseased organs to shed light on diseases and development.
M.D. Class of 2022 prepares for a new beginning
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Earlier this spring, the class prepared for life after Yale in their Capstone course, a mix of practical clinical information, life skills, and more.
Reducing disparities in asthma prevalence in Black and Latino people
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A new study finds that an easy-to-use, patient-centered approach to managing moderate to severe asthma resulted in better outcomes for Black and Latino adults.
Three classes celebrate at inaugural YSM PA Online Commencement ceremony
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Physician Assistant Online Program Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022, along with family and friends, gathered May 6 for the program’s first graduation ceremony.
Celebrating the art, poetry, and prose of Yale health profession students
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A recent virtual contest featuring poetry, prose, and art displayed the creative talents of Yale MD, physician associate, nursing, and public health students.
Letter: On student debt
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Had I graduated in June of 2020, I would have liked Susan Campbell to have been the holder of my student loan debt. I then could have gone over two and a half years without paying any of it and then have $10,000 of it miraculously forgiven. I wonder how her column would have read if she had loaned me $27,000 and then was forced to forgive $10,000...
Long-term heart attack survival rates leave low-income communities behind
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A study finds positive overall trends in long-term heart attack survival rates, but those benefits do not extend to low-income and Black communities.
Discovering a mysterious estrogen’s important role in pregnancy
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Yale researchers have discovered that the so-called “weak estrogen” estriol plays an extremely important role in the shaping of offspring.
Surprising risk factors may predict heart attacks in young women
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A new, Yale-led study has for the first time identified risk factors more likely to trigger a heart attack in women under the age of 55.
Steven M. Southwick, M.D., 1948–2022
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Southwick, one of the world's leading experts on psychological traumatization and human resilience, died on April 20 at the age of 73.
Yale School of Medicine’s Gross, Jonas, O’Connor elected to AAP
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Three Department of Internal Medicine faculty members were elected to the Association of American Physicians for their achievements in biomedical research.
How effects on the brain can produce long COVID
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The neurologic and psychiatric complications of COVID-19 are incredibly diverse and sometimes persist long after patients recover from their initial infections.