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Connecticut Money: A day in the life as a financial planner
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Like any new business, it takes a while to gain a level of competence and confidence to gain a following as an adviser.
Letter: Tell about scandals
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I have to admire you for your coverage of the massive Lamont scandals. You’ve let your readers know all about Lamont/McCaw/Diamantis/Colangelo — what, you don’t know, readers? Well, since the newspaper isn’t telling much if anything about these scandals, maybe smart Connecticut people should not depend on this paper, but do their own...
Faith Matters: The divine question
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Do you spend time with God daily in prayer? God has wisdom and guidance for your success that He reveals only through prayer.
Letter: Stop the pesticides
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Spring is the time many of us look forward to with blooming magnolias, daffodils, tulips, iris, dogwoods and all the rest. Spring, however, is also the time I cringe every time I see those all too present yellow pesticide/herbicide signs on many lawns. All of this unnecessary poison kills organisms that are part of the web of life. We see fewer and...
CT Money: Required minimum distributions from your IRA account
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Don’t forget to take them — the excise tax for forgetting to take your distribution is 50 percent of the amount you were supposed to distribute.
Letter: Recycling question
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Local recycling has a curious blind spot. I have some old smoke alarms, some containing radioactive material, which I have been having trouble disposing of. First I contacted the companies that manufactured them, but they no longer accept returns. They advised checking locally. So I went to my local (Milford) public works, but they refused to take...
Connecticut Money: Classic car market grows with younger audience
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Prices increased dramatically for many classic cars during 2021. For example, according to Car Gurus, a 2000 Porsche 911 average price rose close to 20 percent year over year as of this writing.